The Ten Commandments of People Skills in the Workplace

We use "people skills" each day during every interaction with others.  Interactions in the workplace generally have a professional manner, and are typically analyzed and scrutinized. Look no further if you desire to boost your personal skills, be confident in the office, connect with others to establish rapport, and understand your reasoning for miscommunication. Follow these Ten Commandments for People Skills in the Workplace.1. Thou Shall Not ComplainDon't complain! The workplace will be a stressful environment at times. Complaining at work takes away from productivity and invites negativity to take over. At least half of the people you complain to at work will not care, and some could even think that you got what you had coming. If you're frustrated with something while at work, save it for personal time.2. Thou Shall SmileSmile and say cheese! Smiling is part of the foundation for outstanding people skills. It shows the worl... [Read Full Article]

Small Biz Tip: People Skills: Assessment

Tips from March 1, 2010 The Small Business tips today discuss how to assess people skills. Casual conversation helps bring people skills to light. Take note of various actions, reactions, body language, and topics in a natural setting. Someone's answer to a "what if" question can tell you a lot about them. Ask about real life situations. Remember their reactions and what they'd do in that situation. Watch someone's interaction with others, and gather a group of observers to watch as well. Ask other observers about the interaction to get other, unbiased opinions of how it went. Conduct a self assessment. Ask questions on what people think about themselves: strengths, weaknesses, organization, coaching, listening & communication. Daily Overview: To assess someone's people skills it's best to compare your own observations against what they think of themselves. Communication is a large part of these skills. Take... [Read Full Article]