Can Main Street Catch Up with Wall Street?

Government, Politics, and the Economy Can Main Street Catch Up with Wall Street? The Dow is up and many economists see an end to the recession. Try telling that to the rising ranks of those losing their jobs and houses. Management and OperationsWhy Change is Necessary: Is Temporary Insanity Keeping You From Growing Your Small Business? Successful people, and businesses, recognize the need for change early. They embrace it. And they go looking for it. BusinessKnowHow.comManagement and Operations [Read Full Article]

The IMF Sees a New Great Depression, Americans Go From Blandly Affluent to Authentic Chic

  Government and Economy IMF Sees Parallels Between Today and the Great Depression In spite the unprecedented steps already taken by central banks and governments across the globe, the International Monetary Fund is warning world leaders of "worrisome parallels" between the current global economic crisis and the Great Depression. Is Bland Affluence Giving Way to Authenticity Chic? Americans seem to be looking for simpler—and cheaper—ways to live. Columnist Peggy Noonan explores what may be a growing trend toward an easier way of life. Management and... [Read Full Article]

Local Economies – Local Currencies

  Government and Economy Local Economies – Local Currencies Borrowing from a Depression-era idea, more and more communities are aiming to help consumers make ends meet and support struggling local businesses by printing and circulating their own currencies. Energy Tax Breaks to Benefit Small Businesses...Eventually It may take a little while, but most of the small business energy incentives in the economic-stimulus plan will eventually trickle down from state and local governments. Management and Financial Issues [Read Full Article]

Zero Sum Game: Taxes Will Go Down as Energy Costs Will Go Up

  Government and Economy Obama: Economic Radicalism It's becoming self-evident that the ongoing Wall Street decline and growing fears among small business owners stem, at least in part, from the realization that President Obama's policies are really meant to radically alter the US economy, as opposed to merely mitigating the financial crisis. Coming Tax Breaks May be Funded by Higher Energy Costs President Obama is promising to return auction money to Americans, via a tax cut he proposed on the campaign trail, a move called "sleight of hand," since people were counting on a tax cut in any event and now early cap-and-trade... [Read Full Article]