Small Biz Tip: Management: Boosting Morale

Tips from October 8, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss how to boost morale. Do something good for your business and for a good cause! Run a charity race as a company; donate time and money. Help out! Provide incentives for good work. They could be something simple as dressing casual to extravagant as trips, days off, or a raise. Boost morale through team building strategies. Try a role reversal: switch employee and management roles for the day. Company outings will get employee minds off work & encourage fun outside the office. Daily Overview: Be helpful, encouraging, and creative to give morale the boost it needs. [Read Full Article]

A Guide to Company Outings

A company outing has many purposes: thanking employees for their hard work, establishing friendships outside office walls, marking an important company milestone, and motivating employees.  Whether it is the atmosphere, getting to know your fellow associates, or the complimentary food and drink, company outings prove to be a pick-me-up for many employees.  In order to have a successful get together, careful planning is necessary. Here are some guidelines for ensuring a positive outcome at your next company outing.  Think Less Business, More Fun  Planning a company outing should not be like planning a business meeting.  Without excitement and enthusiasm in the planning process, your outing will be a bust. It is important to ensure that your outing will be enjoyable to all.  Take into consideration the age, abilities, and interests of your employees.  If you are still having trouble on deciding a venue, ask your people for suggestions.&n... [Read Full Article]