Should Government be Run Like a Business?

There comes a point in every employee’s life when he is sitting across from his boss for a quick review of the past year, a discussion of future expectations and, of course, the annual raise. It is the annual review and it is as much of a tradition as the Christmas party and the special and most coveted Employee-of-the-Month parking spot. That is what we in the private sector get. What do our congressional representatives (you know, OUR employees) get? They get elections. They also get to give themselves raises. When the Employees Call the Shots Imagine your employees having a meeting and then informing you that they will be taking a raise. You might get a little dog-and-pony show to justify it, but the bottom line would be that they want more money. More than that, they have put in place a mechanism to automatically give them more whether you think they deserve it or not. You company makes money, they get raises. Your company loses money, they get the same raises... [Read Full Article]

Public Officials and Corruption—The Chinese Way

The Associated Press this morning has reported that: A court clerk says a former Beijing vice mayor in charge of overseeing Olympic construction projects has been given a death sentence for corruption.The Intermediate People's Court in Hengshui, a city outside Beijing, ordered the death sentence Saturday after finding Liu Zhihua guilty of taking bribes.But a court clerk says the sentence was "suspended" for two years.The reprieve means if Liu shows good behavior his sentence will be commuted to life imprisonment. Now, don't get me wrong, I am not all for making corruption over here a capital offense, but it really does beg the question regarding those so-called public servants who set the current economic crisis in motion, prevented anything from stopping it over the years and are now using it to lionize themselves, push pork and hammer John McCain, the one person on record in this mess to have actually tried to solve the problems while they... [Read Full Article]