The Effects of Radical Environmentalism on American Business: A Response to a Loyal Reader

OK, I am not usually one given to responding to critics. I pause, enjoy a chuckle as I read them and then I move on, but Jim Graham's comments to my recent article entitled “Wrapping up the Current Economic Crisis” I think deserve an answer. He wrote: "Radical environmentalist agenda"? WTF are you smoking? You call 8 years of pandering to Big Oil, including an illegal war to open oil fields to pad Cheney's wallets a "Radical Environmental Agenda?" Well, yeah, that is a pretty radical attack on the environment... OK, never mind. You are right. (Far right, right enough to be consistently wrong, but right,) Thank you, Jim. Your comment offers me such an embarrassment of liberal cliché riches I really don't know where to begin. Perhaps we should get the trivia out of the way and start with the idea that the Iraq war is somehow padding Dick Cheney's wallets. [Read Full Article]