Energy Freedom Day 2008

October 1st is just around the corner and regardless of what the Congressional leadership does at the end of September; it will be a seminal day in American political history. If Pelosi, Reid and their compatriots slip another oil drilling ban in the annual appropriation or continuing resolution that they will have to pass to keep the government running, it will demonstrate just how hopelessly indifferent they are to the needs of the American people while highlighting with perfect clarity their fealty to the leftist fringe. On the other hand, if they do nothing then we will be well on our way to developing domestic energy again, lowering the price at the pump and generating revenue that will ultimately lead to the kinds of alternative renewable energy sources that the environmentalists have been carping about for years. It will also mark one of the few times in history when Congress has seen the wisdom in shutting its collective mouth and getting out of the way, which may actually be more im... [Read Full Article]