Keeping IT Clean

I think you would agree, you are kept very busy running your business. The last thing you need to deal with at your workplace is someone's fascination with online porn. First and foremost, it can open you up to sexual harassment complaints. You would be surprised how few people truly appreciate the nuance and subtleties of a website like The vast majority find it offensive and many will take action. The employee in question may not be going out of his way to cause offensive mischief, but his browsing habits can easily harm your company's reputation, cost you a great deal of money and possibly put you out of business. The second issue is that, even if things did not go to that extreme, offensive Web browsing creates an atmosphere where productivity suffers since your employees will be somewhat polarized. Some will continue to work with their porn-addled compatriot, others won't get near him and in the middle will be those who have no clue as to what the ruckus is all... [Read Full Article]