Small Biz Tip: Media Coverage: Building a Media Relationship

Tips from August 19, 2009 The Small Business tips today discuss Media Coverage: Building a Media Relationship Read the publications: find the journalist who would relate most to your business. Get to know them by reading their past and present articles. Call the journalist: they are always looking for news, so introduce yourself and find a common topic (i.e. the articles you have read of theirs). They receive e-mails all day so a phone conversation makes it more personal. Create trust: never lie or fabricate facts. You will lose their trust and end a relationship. Be honest, they see what is newsworthy and it might be the struggles you are having. They will help you if you are honest. Communication: remember that journalists have questions with deadlines. Once you have contact with a journalist keep the contact by making them a priority. Answer them promptly, be available to them, and provide them with all the information they... [Read Full Article]