Lauderdale Grill


1901 Cordova Rd. Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 524-1118

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My Review by Lisa via Urbanspoon on 6/6/2012

We saw the advertisement that stated "we specialize in prime rib". My husband is a big prime rib fan so we decided to give it a try. The waitress was pre-occupied and completly messed up the order. We ordered an appetizer, wine and two…

My Review by Trace T. via Urbanspoon on 3/16/2012

Service was nice and the ribeye was decent. Asked for it medium and received it well done, but it was tastey nonetheless. Overall pretty average place, not quite worth the price of food. There was also a really annoying balloon filling…

My Review by Lily L via Urbanspoon on 1/8/2012

Who is writing these reviews? How could you eat here and feel that way? Everything is delicious. The angus sliders and crave worthy

My Review by Astrosquirrel via Urbanspoon on 11/4/2011

I wish I could "like" this place: our service was outstanding and I had no serious complaints with the food. I started to write that there is zero ambiance...but it's worse than that. The cavernous space sucks the life out of the dining…

My Review by Alex White via Urbanspoon on 10/30/2011

Best Brunch in Fort Lauderdale. It's buffet-style so the typical horrible South Florida wait staff isn't a problem unless you need your coffe refilled.

My Review by stan via Urbanspoon on 9/11/2011

Uhh, when I want to eat, visit with friends, or simply enter a restaurant I don't want any dogs sniffing me or lunging at me. The outdoor area could be a neat place to hang out but dogs, yes dogs, with your food, t your legs. I went there…

My Review by Gnoa via Urbanspoon on 3/22/2011

Another crappy restaurant at this crappy location.

My Review by Sash via Urbanspoon on 11/10/2010

11/9/2010\r \r Spacious and friendly. Waiter was polite. The menu is small but many great selections.\r \r Had the Gorgonzola and bacon burger- I ordered cooked medium and it was rather dry. Fries were tasty. Also sampled the flatbread…

My Review by Karen via Urbanspoon on 5/12/2010

I have had the pleasure of having lunch numerous times each experience has been great but didn't expect anything less from a bunch of experienced owner and crew that have been in the Lauderdale area for quite awhile. Burgers, salads have…

My Review by Jerry via Urbanspoon on 5/7/2010

Had a late lunch at this place a little after 2PM. The place was empty. My glass stayed empty, I waited 30 minutes for them to cook me a burger which was horrible. Meat tasted old and was overcooked and dry. Plate presentation was bland;…