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Roofing Orlando FL Services replaced the roof of a 5 unit condo by Brenda Walker on 11/25/2015

5 out of 5 stars

Roofing Orlando FL Services replaced the roof of a 5 unit condo association. This was the first time the roof on the units has been replaced and the previous roof was 28 years old. The project went extremely well from start to finish. I received quotes from four other vendors prior to selecting Roofing Orlando FL Services for the work. Roofing Orlando FL Services was the middle option in terms of price (not the cheapest or the most expensive) and was selected based on the professionalism demonstrated during the quoting process and their reviews. The owner was by far the most complete in his quote (in terms of making sure I understood all the different aspects of the work that would be performed), and extremely professional during the myriad questions that followed the initial quote.

This same level of professionalism continued while the work was actually completed. The work started exactly (literally to the minute) when it was supposed to and was completed well within the time expectation that was set. Additionally, the work came in exactly as quoted in terms of cost.

I would highly recommend Roofing Orlando FL Services to others.

The job was completed as scheduled by Tiffany Stewart on 8/28/2015

5 out of 5 stars

First contact with the estimator showed him to be far and above the most professional to work on our renovations. The company arrived the day they said they would. All of the workers worked hard and long hours. The job was completed as scheduled. They did an outstanding job cleaning up. I would highly recommend Roofing Orlando FL Services to others.

Great service by Jennifer Diaz on 7/4/2015

5 out of 5 stars

When I found out that my rafter tails on my second story roof had dry rot, I wanted to quickly take care of the problem. I got disappointing results from other roofing contractors that left me scratching my head. They didn't show for appointments or return calls or they gave me a really high bid without even climbing up to the roof to examine the damaged rafters.

Finally, I did my homework by looking on Google and I found Roofing Orlando FL Services. The owner came by at the time and date that we made the appointment for. That alone set a positive tone with me. He climbed up to the second story and spent some time examining my damaged rafters. When he came back down, he quickly wrote out a bid for me detailing what would be done. To me, he came across as a pretty decent and fair guy and his price for repairs seemed very reasonable.

I decided, after a day of sleeping on it, to have Roofing Orlando FL Services fix my roof. The roofers came and fixed my roof within a week of me saying yes. They finished after about a day and a half and were pretty neat and clean about it. There was one thing that was bothering me about the repair and I asked the owner to come by. He came by a few days later, again on time, and we discussed the issue that was bothering me. Ultimately, he wanted to make me "the customer" happy and we settled on what I thought was a fair compromise. I think the highest compliment that I could pay Roofing Orlando FL Services is that I would recommend them to my family.