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(815) 877-2550

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Not even worth one star by amtehan88 on 7/22/2017

1 out of 5 stars

Awful awful awful service. Head right on over if you want to waste your time and money with a bunch of lazy monkeys in charge of working on your vehicle...which will give or take 2-3 weeks for these idiots to fix an issue which is supposed to be their specialty...come on seriously...oh and the owner bahhhhhhh if you can even call him that is a COMPLETE MORON!

Shady Business by jacobmerrifield on 2/24/2016

1 out of 5 stars

I had a transmission put in my diesel truck from this place. From the start there was horrible communication. The owner was never there or never returned my calls. The guy that would answer the phone was a younger guy and I assume the one that does everything there from sweeping floors to diagnosing transmissions and the labor part as well. It seemed like the only time you would be able to talk to the owner is if you show up unexpectedly and then he was there. Very rude and no where near friendly. I had to bring my truck back numerous times and was told they fixed the problem only to have the same issue 3 days later. My final price was a few hundred more than told on original estimate. Sadly to say the trans 3 years later is being rebuilt due to poor service. And the poor service comment comes from who is rebuilding it now from what they have saw ( reputable transmission company in Machesney Park) If your looking for poor quality workmanship and customer service quality you would find at Walmart then this place is for you.

02 Jeep Liberty Rebuild by tatchley on 2/13/2016

1 out of 5 stars

Unfortunately I was not pleased with the customer service I received. I was originally quoted for services at $1,700 when I provided the specifics of rebuilding my 45re transmission(I even told you that the torque converter would need to be replaced). They had the vehicle for 4 business days and once each day I contacted you for an update. I felt as if my attempts to receive information were treated as a burden to them even though I was paying for their services. I was not told anything other than “We’ll call you when it’s done”. On the final day I was told that I could retrieve my vehicle and the cost would be $2,385(almost $700 more than the estimate).

Looking at the receipt, I cannot justify this large of a discrepancy. Any time additional labor or parts are going to accrue on the owner’s part, said owner should be contacted. I suspect that the only reason they offered a $1,700 estimate is because I informed them of the 3yr/100k warranty I was offered from Red’s Transmissions which they couldn’t offer.

The combination of poor customer service, lack of communication and $700 discrepancy in price for services(without attempting to notify me) leads me to wonder how many other people have been put in my situation. I personally am going to file a complaint with BBB as well as having an investigation started for Price Gauging