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Our Services

Web Design and Development

For over a quarter century, hundreds of companies throughout the United States and around the world have entrusted Masscot Internet with their web site design and development needs. From a single page web ad to a sophisticated corporate site with hundreds of pages, or an online store with thousands of products, we strive to create web sites that look good and provide the client's desired result.

    Web Hosting

    We have a web site hosting solution for every need and budget. Starting with our very affordable Economy package to our large corporate web site packages residing on a shared server, to dedicated stand alone servers, to multi-server cloud systems with virtually unlimited expandability we can do it. Your web site is only as good as the server it is hosted on. We are a premium business class service were the focus is on speed, reliability, and support.

      Domain Selection and Registration

      One of the most important factors effecting to ultimate success or failure of web site is its domain name or names. Unfortunately, too many web site owners under estimate the power of the right domain name. It can literally make or break the success of your business. Your domain name can have a drastic effect on your search engine ranking. Please talk to us and let up help you select the domains that will the best for your site.

        Ecommerce Sites

        From a single product to a full blown web supermarket or department store we can do it all. Our biggest ecommerce web site contained over 100,000 products. Your store can sell physical products that you can hold in your hand or touch or virtual products which can be downloaded like music files, movie files, programs, subscriptions, or memberships or both. Be sure to talk to us about putting your store online.

          Search Engine Optimization

          The most beautiful web site in the word is useless if you are the only one who sees it. Search engine optimization is the most important thing you can do once your web site is completed.

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