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We are Public Insurance Adjusters. Why is that important to you? As public adjusters we are advocates for the policyholder in valuating and negotiating a policyholder's insurance claim. Public adjusters are licensed by state departments of insurance and are the only type of adjuster that is licensed by the state to legally represent the rights of an policyholder during the insurance claim process.

A definition as outlined on Wikipedia of the types of insurance adjusters is as follows, "There are three classes of insurance claims adjusters: staff adjusters (employed by an insurance company or self-insured entity), independent adjusters (independent contractors hired by the insurance company) and public adjusters (employed by the policyholder). "Company" or "independent" adjusters can only legally represent the rights of an insurance company."

Why would anyone want an adjuster that is employed by their insurance company be the only voice in how much it would cost to repair the damages to their property? That would be like being on trial for murder and having no lawyer to defend you. As you can see, there is a clear distinction between a "company" adjuster, who works on behalf of an insurance company, and a "public" adjuster who works on behalf of a policyholder... YOU.
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Reviews for For The Public Adjusters, Inc. Claim Help Fire,Water,Storm,NC,VA

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Hands down the most ethical and best company to hire. by Michael P via Customer Lobby on 7/24/2017

Unlike other companies that charge an outrageous fee for representing you, FTPA is very reasonable and knowledgeable at assessing claims. They will put 100% effort in making sure that you and your family are covered properly.

House Repairs Finally Complete by Chuck B via Customer Lobby on 7/5/2017

For The Public Adjusters helped us with insurance claims for some home repairs after an accident. I only had a couple of issues with the service. One was that they charged way too much in my opinion, and the other is that the guy who was…

Gerat Assistance, Enough Money Received! by Marisol H via Customer Lobby on 5/9/2017

I sought assistance from For The Public Adjusters, Inc. recently after my whole house caught on fire and destroyed everything. Fortunately, they were able to get me enough insurance money to cover the damage. The employees were polite,…

Nice To Work With! by Abdual S via Customer Lobby on 3/27/2017

When my roof was damaged by the wind and hail in my area, my insurance said they would not cover having my roof fixed. So, I decided to contact For The Public Adjusters, Inc to be my agents. They were very nice to work with. Their customer…

They helped me for free with no strings attached by Jeffrey M via Customer Lobby on 3/13/2017

I am still in process of filing my claim, but I have to give Joe all of the kudos that he deserves. Incredible knowledge, insight and service without requiring a thing of me. He has helped me to understand the terms of my policy and to…

Reliable and Secure by Prasad K via Customer Lobby on 3/2/2017

For The Public Adjusters are excellent. I rate them so highly because they make sure that I'm receiving the right advice so that I'll get the most benefits. They don't try to upsell me on things I don't need, and I appreciate that. I would…

Great service! by Jennifer H via Customer Lobby on 2/3/2017

I've used For The Public Adjusters once. I didn't know to look for them specifically but found out about them in a blog, so I contacted them. The first time I used them was back in October and I probably used their service for about a…

Great work, very pleased! by Wiggins E via Customer Lobby on 11/17/2016

I was very pleased with the work I received from For The Public Adjusters, Inc. The employees were very responsive, and did a good job through email of explaining everything to me so we would be kept up to date with the work. I found them…

Joe and Dwight were extremely helpful, very happy with the service and appreciative of their work. by Abe E via Customer Lobby on 11/4/2016

I cannot thank Joe and Dwight at For The Public Adjusters enough. They came in and helped me out with a claim for my house that we needed to make because of some previous water damage that was creating mold in my home. Joe and Dwight came…

They are number 1 in my book! by Seletse H via Customer Lobby on 10/25/2016

They are very knowledgable and honest! They truly work for you. Joe and Dwight are wonderful people that make you feel at ease. I am glad that we hire them to handle our claim for our house. Joe and Dwight are the best, and would…

Overall, we didn't expect that level of professionalism. by Janice A via Customer Lobby on 9/22/2016

Joe and Dwight from For The Public Adjusters were very knowledgeable and professional, and they more than doubled the initial estimate from the insurance company--and we were very, very surprised by that. Our neighbor mentioned their…

Professional, polite, and followed up. by Dan S via Customer Lobby on 7/12/2016

For The Public Adjusters, Inc. were honest. They were going to do an estimate for me for some storm damage. I had an insurance claim and they looked at the damage to see if the insurance company was charging me too much. However, they…

Contacted Joe regarding an on going insurance claim related to a house fire. by Jonathan J via Customer Lobby on 6/14/2016

Incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. In a sea of unchartered waters specific to the world of insurance claims Joe was informative, helpful, and educational. I would absolutely hire them in the future.

Get's The Job Done by John N via Customer Lobby on 6/9/2016

For The Public Adjusters, Inc. succeeded in closing the claim in a positive manner. The fact that they were able to follow through in a profitable way agreed upon settlement I would recommend others to use this company. I liked working…

Great by Ben G via Customer Lobby on 3/23/2016

Dealing with For The Public Adjusters was a very pleasant experience. We needed professional advice with a property insurance claim, and Joe the consultant had an extremely large amount of knowledge and was very sharing with his knowledge.…

Skilled and helpful negotiators by Malvin K via Customer Lobby on 3/18/2016

For The Public Adjusters represented my client, Ms. Crampton and did very good work. I am Ms. Crampton's lawyer and they represented her for the property damage that occurred in her house. Her upstairs toiler was leaking and leaked all…

Y by Christine U via Customer Lobby on 3/5/2016

Joe and the rest of the For The Public Adjuster team were fantastic! They handled everything, removing the worry and stress that most insurance claims would have. Right when I thought I was never going to be able get my roof approved, For…

Very helpful in a hard times by Steven H via Customer Lobby on 3/3/2016

Very helpful. I needed help with my fire insurance claim. Joe talked to me on the phone and give me advice on how to continue with my claim. He also insisted that I finish my claim without hiring his team because it is a smaller claim…

Very Knowledgeable and very helpfu by Ben G via Customer Lobby on 2/11/2016

Joe has the knowledge and experience you want advocating on your behalf He knows the insurance claims and construction industries really well. Years of experience behind him,

Joe reviewed my policy and pointed out an endorsement that provided full replacement value of my home. The insurance company immediately increased their offer from $195,000 to rebuild to $258,000. Joe made me $63,000 without having a contract with him or paying him any fee. by Wayne W via Customer Lobby on 2/11/2016

My home burned down in North Carolina while I was in Florida for the winter. A burglary/arson was suspected. After I was cleared, the insurance company made a low ball appraisal and offered me $195,000 on a $266,000 coverage. They were…

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