Apeiron Center for Human Potential Corporation


190 Broadway Street Suite 101
Asheville, NC 28801
(304) 347-4313
Apeiron Center for Human Potential is committed to creating the new definition of the optimized human through transforming and transcending the limits of biology, consciousness, and evolution.

To provide a container to assist humans to experience an epic life that is limitless. This vision is met through strategic implementation of the mission, which is to create a new prototype of medicine that merges with the very fabric of consciousness to propel human evolution to a limitless place. This new paradigm of medicine is Human Potential Medicine.

Humanity is on the verge of an exciting new paradigm in human potential. This new paradigm will shift everything that we think we understand about health and longevity. We are moving into the era of the “super-human” away from the disease model to a model that focuses on optimizing human function, expression and performance. It is a strategic process that involves assessing all aspects of the “human system” including body, mind and spirit and assisting humans to create an epic life that is limitless.

Our Approach
We use a precision-based approach taking into account each individual’s physiology, genetics, genomics, emotional makeup, along with their expressed needs to prescribe evidence-based therapies that facilitate youthful longevity and peak performance. This approach assists clients to achieve optimal health and limitless potential through optimizing all aspects of health; sleep, stress, nutrition, human movement, hormonal optimization, cognition and inner balance. Our goal is to assist each client to move beyond his or her limited condition to a limitless state of human potential.

How We’re Different
Apeiron Center programs are designed for highly conscious individuals who are seeking to optimize and enhance their health and well being—for those not satisfied with the status quo of “average.” We provide our clients with details regarding their medical issues, explanations of their test results, and full discussions regarding treatment options and alternatives. We partner with our clients so that they can take charge of their health, achieve peak physiologic and cognitive performance and experience optimized human potential."

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