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181 Seventh Street
Garden City, NY 11530

(516) 887-4334


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If you're new to SUGARPLUMONLINE.COM, welcome! SUGARPLUM is an AUTHORIZED RETAILER of every manufacturer we represent. We hope you will join the thousands of customers who trust SUGARPLUM to deliver top-quality Special Occasion Wear!

SUGARPLUM is a "no-pressure" Boutique in business with the same owner for 40 years, originally located in Lynbrook and have just moved to our new location in Garden City on Long Island NY. We are just 25 minutes out of Manhattan, the World's Fashion Capital. Whether shopping for Mother-of-the-Bride or Groom, Mother of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Second Wedding, Destination Wedding, "Guest-Of-The-Affair", Social Dressing, Prom, Sweet 16, Quinceañera or Pageant, SUGARPLUM'S customers demand the most Up-To-The- Minute styles!

Trends change rapidly and our Owner/Buyer for Sugarplum makes sure the Boutique properly represents these fashions. Due to the longevity and success that SUGARPLUM enjoys, many top manufacturers rely on Sugarplum’s information. It's actually quite exciting to see the well known designers that visit our very location who consult with our Buyer for direction and design and to get new ideas and inspiration! (Like Julie DeRoche, currently designing for JOVANI and Madeline Gardner from MORI LEE and Claudine Hamm from ALYCE DESIGNS). We also design and manufacture our own Sugarplum Private Collection!

SUGARPLUM is truly for the 'PICKY, FUSSY and HARD-TO-PLEASE", carrying the Largest, most affordable selection of "Boutique-Styled, Non-Typical" Special Occasion-Wear in the New York Tri-State Area in SIZES 2-28, IN STOCK AND READY FOR YOU TO BUY!

Our large sales staff is specially trained to listen to your requests before introducing any dress. Together, with this knowledgeable sales staff, a selection of dresses and accessories that just "won't quit" and an extraordinary European Alteration Department, you will receive a look thatis both flattering to your taste and figure

SUGARPLUM has taken 40 years of established formal dressing sales and translated them onto the web for you. If you can’t make it in and wish to purchase online, the same knowledgeable sales staff will be thrilled to answer any questions and help you with your online purchase!

At SUGARPLUM we have a passion for making a woman look her personal best! So, when only the 'HARD-TO-FIND," "HEAD-TURNING" dress will do, let SUGARPLUM dazzle you with the Largest, Most EXCITING Selection of Special Occasion-Wear in the New York Tri- State Area!


I have been in business since 1972, just as I graduated from high school. Sugarplum was originally a junior sportswear boutique with a small collection of formal dresses. Over the years, we expanded our social dresses and before we knew it, formal wear became our calling. Our customers who once bought her prom dress from us, are now shopping for Mother of the Bride and Groom gowns! Our sizes once appealed to sizes 0-12 and now we have a million dollar inventory of gowns in stock in sizes 0-30!! We are a 2600 square foot shop with probably the largest in stock selection of gowns, dresses and outfits in the tri state area!
I have been dedicated to bringing our clients the most exciting and unusual fashions I could find that would fit them properly and always make a statement of "you take pride in yourself and your image", without being ostentatious and out of place. I have been personally committed to making women look their very best for 4 decades and we are still "going strong".
Our sales advisors are top notch and our seamstresses are amazing!
We are like no store you have shopped in before....definitely worth the won't be disappointed!!
I look forward to working with you either in our shop or feel free to call for advice to shop on our web site!

Tell us about the tradition of moms getting all glammed up for their daughter or son’s wedding.
The way Sugarplum sees it, (next to the Bride and Groom), Mothers are the second most important people at a wedding! Usually the Bride and Groom define the aura of the wedding (formal, destination, casual). When the Mom's come to us we work within the styles that are appropriate for the type of affair, as well as the necessary requested colors, and most importantly....the right fitting garment for each figure. Once we have zeroed in on the perfect look, we then accessorize it with appropriate jewelry, purse, etc.

What are some of the trends you are seeing in mother of the bride and groom gowns?
Some of the newest trends we are seeing is the location the weddings are being held and the atmosphere that is being set. Many are choosing "local destinations" such as the woods, by a bridge, beaches unusual sites in a local area. The type of attire for these weddings are chosen with a little less formal intention, but still dressy and important. Sugarplum has always been a "boutique" type of shop and we offer the perfect looks for a little less traditional wedding!

What colours and styles are hot this season?
There has been a big request for Gold, Silver, Bronze..lots of Metallics. We still, of course sell a tremendous amount of Brown, Navy, Aubergine and Black.

Do you also see lots of grandmothers also opting for more opulent gown?
Traditionally, grandmothers are usually a little less glitzy and opulent. They tend to like a little shorter (tea length) dress. What we see is a classy, yet youthful twist in dressing the grandmother.

How have the trends changed over the years?
The biggest change in trends that we have seen over the last 15- 20 years since we have formally taken a position in Mother of the Bride/Groom business is the perceived age of the Mothers. Years ago, Mothers were seen as "mature". Today, our Mothers are taking extremely wonderful care of themselves thanks to the cosmetics industry, the boom of salons, etc. Mothers sizes are irrelevant, because we cater to all sizes 2-30, but their skin, hair, nails...the whole package is youthful and attractive no matter what the size. A dress that once was intended for a women between the sizes of 4 through 12 is now being produced for women of all sizes, which makes every woman look more youthful and updated!

What types of gowns are you seeing for daytime events? How about evening events?
Again, depending on location, the type of gown chosen is not necessarily different because the affair is day or night. If the affair is in a traditional catering hall, day or night, the Mothers often opt for a more formal gown. If the affair is being held at a restaurant, home, garden, Mothers opt for more of a tea or cocktail length dress or outfit.

Can moms of daytime brides and grooms get equally as “dolled up”?
Absolutely, as stated above....this is your child's big day. Mothers should feel comfortable with a fabulous dress to celebrate this day! Again, it is important to take into consideration the "atmosophere" the Bride and Groom are trying to capture.

Should the bride have a say in what mom is wearing or do most mom’s make the choice on their own?
As an independent woman, I feel that Mothers should be making their own decisions. However in today's economy many of the " Couples-To-Be" are paying for much of the weddings and out of respect to them, it is a wise decision to at least discuss the colors and type of dress they are comfortable with their Moms wearing. With the technology of today, a quick picture email can help with decision making!

What advice can you give mom’s and their girls who are looking for that perfect gown?
Make sure you decide on your color scheme so that Moms know before they start the exhausting and difficult job of selecting their dress. Also, always wear an appropriate undergarment (Spanx, strapless bra, bring heels). This will give you a realistic view of how you will look on your most important day!

Who picks out the dress first, the mother of the bride or the mother of the groom?
Often, the Mother of the Bride chooses a color and then the Mother of the Groom chooses another color to work back with the wedding party. As I see it, Both Mothers are equally important, because if it weren't for them, there would be no Bride or Groom! Of course, it would be advisable for the Mothers to agree on color choices in order to avoid misunderstandings. I also think it depends on who is footing the bill and the politics involved. No Mother wants to start a new couple off with a disagreement over this topic.

Can moms from both sides wear the same or a similar colour.
Absolutely, the rules are again what the Bride and Groom want. I have seen wedding parties where only one color is worn by all.

What happens in cases where there is also a step-mom and she’s equally as friendly and close with the bride (or groom)?
The "friendly" step-mom often is asked to wear wedding party colors or a color that compliments the wedding party. I see that many step-moms do not want an "over the top" gown. To keep harmony an appropriately formal dress or gown is selected to compliment the importance of the affair, but not take away from the real Mothers.

What types of dresses are popular with grandmothers of the bride or groom?
As stated before, most grandmothers are more comfortable with an ankle or tea length dress. it is usually safer, because shoes do not get caught in the hem. We, at Sugarplum sell a lot of knit outfits because they are comfortable and forgiving to a figure.

What colours, if any are “no-nos” when it comes to daytime weddings, evening weddings and/or weddings in general.
We have seen very little no-nos. Years ago, black was forbidden. Today we do many all black weddings. We do, however find that most Mothers look best in dark tones or metallics, verses pastels or brights. Mostly because they look more sophisticated and less like a bridesmaid or prom girls.

Does the mother’s gown have to compliment the gowns worn by the bridal party?
There is no "have to's" in this, but at Sugarplum, we always ask what the bridesmaids color are. We work very hard with the Mom to bring her complimentary colors to the maids colors and colors that most enhance the Mom. Weddings are very costly and young men and women wait their entire lives for this day. We, at Sugarplum feel an obligation to use our expertise to make the magical moment flow through color and style for the Moms.

Do the moms pick out their dresses first or do the girls in the bridal party pick their dresses first?
It is usually easier to pick the bridal party dress and color first. Then we have a starting point for the Moms.

Is it recommended that mom’s (of the bride and groom) come in together?
Selecting a dress is a very intimate and personal experience. I suggest that each mom shop alone with a significant person whose taste they respect. The Mom will get more individual service and be able to express her needs and wants to our personal style advisor in a private way.

How soon should moms start looking for their gowns?
Depending on what type of dress the Mother is looking for, shopping can begin as early as 5 to 6 months ahead. At Sugarplum, we carry a very large inventory of formal dresses and gowns that are available for purchase right off the rack! We usually zero in on the most well received styles and order them in several colors and sizes. Most Mothers are usually trying to lose anywhere from 10 to 50 pounds before the big day and they tend to shop closer to the Wedding day, so we have had a fabulous response to our "Best Seller" in stock approach!

How far in advance should moms place the order for their gowns.
It depends upon the company. I think a Mother should have a gown or dress in her possession between 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding to allow for proper alterations and room for late delivery and other variables. In our shop, if you can leave with the gown, the better for the mom. She can see, feel and touch exactly what she is getting and know that nothing is wrong right away. This has been an unbelievably successful formula for Sugarplum. What an advantage to actually be able to go to a shop and try dozens of gowns in several colors in your exact size!!!

Tell us about alterations and how that works.
Approximately 6 weeks before the Wedding alterations should be done. Sugarplum has a full shop, two stores down from our retail store just for Sugarplum Alterations. We employ four to five Fabulous seamstresses. Often, only one fitting is required before pick up is scheduled. Payment is made for alterations at the time of the pickup and the customers complete satisfaction. Prior customers have been so happy with our alterations, they bring their own alterations from home to be done here!

Tell us about mom accessories and what she should look for and strive for? And, tell us about the different accessories for summer bride moms and winter bride moms, as well as daytime wedding moms and evening wedding moms.
Jewels have no seasonal restrictions. At Sugarplum, we buy all our accessories after our formal wear buying is completed. We then buy our jewelry and handbags to match the seasonal colors. We buy beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets and pins. Often, we recommend a long hanging earring with no necklace or a very important necklace with a small earring, depending on the outfit and the moms personality.

Since brides are opting to wear two gowns in some instances, is this also becoming a trend with some moms?
We have not seen a trend for the Moms to change their attire during an affair.

Tell us about some of your best sellers
I am proud to say that many of our best sellers are gowns that are designed and made by Sugarplum!. Not because we push our styles, but mostly because we have been driven by our customers to produce the dresses they are truly looking for, verses that of the designers that are not physically "in contact" with the consumer and has no idea what women really want. We offer shapes and sizes that are hard to find!

Can dresses be ordered in custom sizes?
Some companies that we carry can be adjusted to special measurements.

How long do specialty items or orders take?
Specialty items can take anywhere from two weeks to four months.

Tell us about matching mom’s gown to the bride’s gown.?
Most Moms do not want their gown to look anything like the brides gown. Although no one ever competes with a bride in white, why even go there?

With so many beautiful gowns to choose from, how will mom know when she’s found “the one”?
Our Moms know when they have hit the right gown. Their body language changes and smiles and sometimes tears are the expression of "this is the one"!

What advice would you give brides when helping mom or mother-in-law pick out her gown?
Most important advice, be kind and understanding that Moms, although youthful, are not their peers, they are their moms and should be wearing what makes them feel good and is most flattering to their figure!

Should moms take into consideration what dads will be wearing when picking out their gown?
If the Dad is wearing an unusual color tux, it would be nice to wear a color that not necessarily matches, but at least blends with his attire.








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SUGARPLUM carries Oustanding Mother-of-the-Bride Gowns, Mother-of-the-Groom Gowns, Mother-of the Bar or Bat Mitzvah Gowns, Dresses Tea-Length, Suits. Prom Gowns, Sweet 16 Gowns, Quinceanera Gowns, Social Dressing Cocktail Dresses & Formal Cruise Wear, Second Wedding Dresses and Gowns, Destination Wedding Dresses and Gowns and Pageants in a Variety of Misses Sizes, Plus Sizes, Petite Sizes and Plus Petite Sizes for Women of All Ages! Best Selection and Best Prices! Largest Selection of Women's Gowns and Dresses on Long Island and New York City in Misses Sizes, Plus Sizes, Petite Sizes 2 - 28 in a Relaxed Boutique Atmosphere With Individual Sales Help! Fabulous Destination and Beach Wedding Formals for Non-Traditional Brides, Mom's and Guests!




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