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CJ Professional African Hair Braiding Reviews

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Best twists I've ever had! by michelle.shiver on 6/1/2016

4 out of 5 stars

I love love love my twists, I have natural hair that has been growing in for about a year and I wanted something different. I have had Senegalese twists/micros/box braids before and these are the best I've ever had. Sara took time to make sure every single braid looked it's best. The shop is professional and they make sure you are comfortable. I am so glad I found them, I will never again go anywhere else for braids or twists!

love my hair by amwilli1 on 8/30/2015

4 out of 5 stars

My first impression was of the the shops decor and environment was that it needed updating. The staff was friendly, they worked fast and did a great job my hair looks fabulous. I love it and I will definitely visit again.

My New Go-To Braiding Shop by lawswrites on 5/18/2015

5 out of 5 stars

Top of the line customer service, and amazing box braids, I was really happy with my experience. From the moment I made my appointment, they made it their mission to make sure that I was comfortable, scheduling a morning appointment so that I could leave as early as possible.

The quality was the best one that I have had, my braids look amazing, I have referred 3 friends since my appointment.

I will come back again and again...

Love my braids, great experience! by boomkattack on 4/27/2015

5 out of 5 stars

I've been coming to CJs for the past year and am always happy with the results. The last time I went, I had an appointment at 9:30 am to get Senegalese twists. The lady who braided my hair was gentle (since I'm tender headed) and she braided fast. I was done in about eight hours or so and even though that seems like a long time, when it was done, my braids were full and neat. This is the only braiding shop I go to and trust when it comes to my hair.

Bad service with no hair by tclay0809 on 2/16/2015

1 out of 5 stars

I had 2 appts scheduled for 2/16/2015 @9am we arrived at 845 only to be told after 10mins of waiting that they had no hair and they had over booked ppl and were under staffed needless to say our hair didn't get done and that was 400.00 that they missed out on. The woman in the shop tried to tell me that I had only made one appt and I must have made a mistake only then did I remind her that I called on Saturday to confirm it and ask what should be done with my hair she then. Pulled me to the back behind a shallow wall to tell me that she remembered and she over booked us there was no apology or anything she then went on to say that we had to wait 6 hrs if we still wanted our hair done because she couldn't so it at. Very bad customer service I will never go back there and to add to that the human hair that they say they have is a senthetic blend

Where are my edges? by eeppinger13 on 9/1/2014

1 out of 5 stars

At one point I had 3 people braiding my hair but that wasn't the bad part. First of all before she started I asked her can she put medium sized kinky twist in my hair ,she said okay. Then she spoke to someone else in French I guess to confirm if that was okay. So she braid 1 braid and asked was that size is what I preferred, I said at least the width of my finger and she said we don't do them that size only 1 size. So she proceed with the size she thought was best. This lady was very aggressive in my hair grabbing all of my baby hair , I mean braiding tighter then humanly possible. So I asked can you please go a little gentle just a little and said all of my baby hair doesn't have to be braided. The second time I asked she stated "I don't have heavy hands you have a tender head"! The third time I spoke about it she said if I don't braid tight it won't last. Now I have had my hair braided plenty of times before and never experienced this and it has lasted for months. But 3 hours later a third person started in the back of my head she start every part by digging the comb in my scalp then braided more aggressive then the first. Then I understood that the first braided was very kind to me and soon after asked the third braided to get out of my head 3 different times. 3 wks later my end result I paid 170 and my first two rows of braids are hanging on by strands of hair I mean for dear life. She braided so hard my follicles came out. Now where are my edges?