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I need to speak with the owner!! by definition_ogletree on 2/27/2017

1 out of 5 stars

I was there on Friday the 24th of feb at around 4pm to get a quote for some paint on my motorbike and was chased out of the parking lot by someone's dog that was standing around in one the garages conversing in the back. Almost wrecked my bike in traffic trying to escape this huge dog barking and trying to bite my leg off. I'm trying to reach management and the owner. That's ridiculous for an establishment. Don't think I'll be back after that crap.

NOT OK. STAY AWAY! by a99800a1 on 6/5/2016

1 out of 5 stars

A-OK tried to scam me into an entire exhaust (including 4 catalytic converters and 2 mufflers) for 2 tiny leaks in a Y-pipe. When I questioned this (another shop said I needed the Y-pipe, but didn't have one), A-OK tried (and failed) to jab holes in the catalytic converters with a screwdriver. A-OK was shockingly careless with their tools and supplies, so I was not surprised when I saw that their work was slipshod and sloppy. For 5 minutes or so clearing the check engine code (which parts shops do free) and "smearing" (their own word) a short-term "pipe dope" patch, A-OK charged me $35 + tax. That works out to $420 an hour! Worst of all, by recklessly removing the arms of the lift, before it was clear of the undercarriage of the car, they cracked a 1/2-inch brake line! I still need to replace the Y-pipe, and now I need to replace the brake line, too. The service was definitely not worth $420 an hour! I will NOT be going back to A-OK!

Awesome work at an awesome price by RVANTS on 5/17/2016

5 out of 5 stars

Took my 1980 Camaro in for some minor exhaust repair from a previous owners botched job and the guys at AOK....truly hooked me up with an awesome sounding exhaust. Highly recommend these guys.....from a complete install, custom and minor repairs, they can do it all. Excellent welds, workmanship with the old school know how......thanks a million...I definitely left smiling. :)

More than A OK in my book by april_07_showers on 9/16/2015

5 out of 5 stars

Outstanding service and workmanship at incredible prices. I got a same day appointment. He has helped us out twice now and has our business for life. Great job! It's much appreciated

Fix Your Classic Car Here!!!! by eandt on 7/31/2015

5 out of 5 stars

Keith is an accomplished mechanic. I gave him the wrong parts but he was able to rebuild/replace the entire exhaust system on my 1957 Mercury. Not only does my car sound great but AOK treats your classic car like it was their own. Everyone is helpful and prices are great. Getting good work done on your 50's/60's car is almost impossible today, but Keith and his staff make it happen. Can't recommend them highly enough. Thanks a million guys!