Title Tag and Meta Description Length Tool

How many characters can I have in my title and meta descripton? How many characters is this!? Save a few seconds and paste your title tag here and check the length of your character string.

Enter <title> Tag

Best practices for title tag length say that your title should no more than 60-80 characters. An important number to keep in mind is Google's maximum title threshold of around 65 characters. Anything longer and your title starts to get truncated. For example, sledswap.com's title tag runs 159 characters long. Google SERPs truncate it down to just 53 characters.

Enter Meta Description Tag

Meta descriptions can be a bit longer, but Google tends to show roughly 155 (two lines) characters when it chooses to use your meta description on result pages. For more, read the best practices guide by Moz.

Paste Character Counter

Get the length of any string you would like a quick count of characters.