Evergreen Dance Center


1430 Commerce Ave
Longview, WA 98632
(360) 423-7410
We Offer Classes in All Styles Of Dance & Ability Levels.

Located in Longview, occupying one of the largest studios in Washington, Evergreen Dance Center is one of the oldest studios in Washington. Former students have gone on to professional careers in dance or have become fine teachers. Many are parents who bring their children and grandchildren back to dance at Evergreen. We'd like to hear from you.

Our classes include:

• Ballet
• Tap
• Modern dancing
• Ballroom dancing
• Hip-hop

Call us or stop by for more information.

You can also visit our website where you'll find information about registration and classes.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Thu 4pm-6:30pm

Reviews for Evergreen Dance Center

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Honestly by Maggi W via Insider Pages on 9/5/2012

Last year i switched studios during the middle of the year to evergreen and i think the instructors are amazing and I have improved vastly since I switched studios.

Stands up well in comparison to Seattle studios! by Jared J via Insider Pages on 7/30/2010

I danced at Evergreen in high school and I'm now at college in Seattle. When I started looking for studios up here, I realized how impressive Evergreen really is. The fact that Evergreen has four studios just in their main Longview…

A recommendation from an EDC alum by Anna R via Insider Pages on 1/16/2010

I danced with Evergreen Dance Center from age 3 throughout my high school career in Longview and I continue to come back and take classes whenever my breaks allow me to. The studio may not be the most up to date one in the area, but on the…

Would NEVER recommend this place!!!! by Mommyof3 B via Insider Pages on 5/31/2009

My daughter has been here for only one year and has asked throughout the year if she could quit, we said no because we had paid at the beginning of the year $60 for her costume and it was not refundable. When it was time for her end of the…

Well done Evergreen! by Jessica D via Insider Pages on 6/2/2008

I used to be a branch instructor for Evergreen. I put in many years with them not only as a teacher but as a student. They have given me the fine education I needed to start my own school. Over the years we have had many excellent teachers…

Love ballet? Go to Evergreen. by Kacy C via Insider Pages on 4/13/2008

First of all, I have to completely disagree with a statement made earlier. Evergreen has a VARIETY of teachers for young children. We have certain ones who are strict and others who are not as strict because some parents just want their…

Evergreen vs. High Step? Evergreen loses. by Emily G via Insider Pages on 12/27/2007

I used to take my daughter to Evergreen. She went there for 3 years. I put up with their rude receptionist, teenagers for teachers who did nothing but play with the kids, but I switched studios when they lost their excellent tap teacher…

Evergreen ROCKS! by Sarah T via Insider Pages on 2/14/2007

Ok, It SO does not smell like urin in any part of the building. I go up those back stairs all the time. I chose to go to Evergreen over the choice of going to High step. The instructors are so much better, they really know what they're…

Re: Evergreen Dance Center by Renee W via Insider Pages on 5/31/2005

The instructors are great and if you can get past the look of their studio it is an alright place to go. It needs to be updated so desperately and when you enter up the stairs from the back alley it smells of urine so bad!!!!!

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