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Half Price Books Redmond/Town Center - Redmond, Washington - Buy and sell new and used books, CDs, LPs, DVDs, comic books, textbooks, magazines, electronics, games, nostalgia, stationery and more!
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Reviews for Half Price Books

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Bookstore open since 1972 offers new and used books, music, movies, software. Buys used books and more from the public. Read Full Editorial

More organized by Mike M. via Judy's Book on 9/10/2009

I've been to both this location and the location at Crossroads Mall. This place is by far more organized and spacious. I am usually able to find what I was looking for here. It's great to browse, and do some reading to determine if it's…

Bookstores are for browsing by Carolyn K. via Judy's Book on 12/5/2006

I've always loved 2nd hand bookstores. Where else can you hunt through the shelves and find that book you've been seeking in an almost new condition for half the price?It's cramped, you can't always find the latest, but hey... it *is* a…

Books for Half the Price by Alison G. via Judy's Book on 11/22/2006

I love books, and I love them even better when they are half the price. This bookstore isn't as new, clean, and shiny as some of the full-priced bookstores, but it usually has what I'm looking for, and usually has at least one used /…

Another option by jags999 via Citysearch on 11/20/2006

They do buy books, music, software and games - but don't expect much for them unless they're a popular item. There's a wide variety - some sections are much bigger than others. Great place to find children's books and older fiction, etc.…

Perfect by Darrell R. via Judy's Book on 9/20/2006

This was a the best place I have ever shopped for books. The staff new what they where talking about and exactly where to find ALL the books I was looking for. Thanks and I will always come to you first

Excellent for Children's Books and more by Michelle Q via Insider Pages on 8/14/2006

I frequent Half Price Books because I give children's books as rewards to my kids for major and minor accomplishments (staying dry at night, being good at the store, etc.) I would go even more broke if it wasn't for Half Price Books. I…

The Best for collectors of Rare and Vintage Books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! by Chris F. via Judy's Book on 7/22/2006

Half Price Books is one of the best stores ive ever been in. i Collect Rare and Vintage books and not only does Half Price have a wide collection of them but they have them for a price i can afford all there paperbacks are literally half…

Good quantity of CD's, tapes and books by Sheri F. via Judy's Book on 4/15/2006

I found several classic science fiction books to add to my collection. I browsed the CD's but since I wasn't looking for anything specific didn't buy any, but was delighted to find some in house. I found a delightful book of early Celtic…

Outdated and Too Jam-Packed by P M. via Judy's Book on 3/23/2006

In the old days, i.e. pre-Amazon, Half Price Books was a good deal. But in today's day and age, I'd rather stay at home and buy online. This bookstore is cluttered and it's hard to find anything. The prices aren't that great since you…

Half Price Books - Various Locations by Michelle Q. via Judy's Book on 3/23/2006

I frequent the Half Price Books at Crossroads Mall and on Roosevelt Way in Seattle. I have yet to go to the one in downtown Redmond, where I live, but I read in the "Redmond Reporter" that the basement is haunted and why would I want to…

Half Price Books by JJ K. via Judy's Book on 3/19/2006

Next to Starbucks at Crossroads Mall in Bellevue you will find a cramped book store the has the aroma of old books filling the air. Half Price Books Records and Magazines is a book lovers treasure trove. It may be difficult to maneuver…

Half Price Books - A booklover's paradise by Melissa May F. via Judy's Book on 3/4/2006

I've been going to this store since it was located on 6th Avenue, before the fire, and it has never failed to provide me with far too many hours of browsing and too much money I'm tempted to spend! They have the largest sci-fi/fantasy…

looking for deals by Michelle M. via Judy's Book on 10/22/2005

If you are looking for a book on a particular topic but don’t have a title in mind this is a great place to go to get a good deal. Some books are overstocks that are still new. They also buy used books. Don’t expect a lot of cash for…

Great Prices, Wide Selection by Lynne O via Insider Pages on 10/16/2005

I love this cramped, value oriented location of Half Price Books. Like the rest of the chain, they have excellent prices and I have been espeically impressed with their rotating large-print selection.

You Can Get Lost in Here by Tracy L. via Judy's Book on 8/1/2005

Half Price Books is located in a cool old building in downtown Redmond. It has books on almost every subject you can think of, for reasonable prices. I could look around this store for hours, and still not be finished looking.Half Price…

I Love This Place! by Tracy L via Insider Pages on 7/27/2005

Half-Price Books is a great place to shop. I could spend hours in there browsing for books. I refuse to pay full price for books, so a place like this is perfect for me.

Good for readers by Tony D. via Judy's Book on 7/26/2005

This place is as big as a Barnes and Nobles, but way homier (no Starbucks, though). This is a great place for a lunchtime browse. They've also got a great selection of half price video games and movies. With the price of books being…

Great Books Store, Wonderfull Prices! by Sarah F. via Judy's Book on 7/25/2005

I LOVE Half Price Books! They have so many books and they're all such a great price! My mom and I have found some wonderful hard to find books here and so cheap too! It's also very easy to get too, and it's set up so the books are easy to…

Cheapest Place For Used Books! by Jim R. via Judy's Book on 7/12/2005

Half-Price books is a small stoor in downtown redmond -- yet it's packed with books. Two floors spanning almost every genre. All used books are at most half-off cover price. This means old books, which have a very low pre-inflation…

Not Half Bad by E M H. via Judy's Book on 6/25/2005

If you want a book and want it for cheap, chances are you will find it at half-priced books. And if you don't care about tiny tiny writing, battered book spines, and writing in the margins, you can get the books really cheap. You can…

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