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Reviews for Seattle Chiropractic Life Center

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My Review by cristinac1259401302 via Citysearch on 10/10/2013

Dr. Suver is... awesome! The first day I came in to his office he sat with me for an hour and went over every little detail so that he could provide me with the best treatment plan. If he notices that a certain adjustment just isn't…

My Review by meganp1219266545 via Citysearch on 10/9/2013

Just had the best massage with Sandra at Seattle Life Chiropractic. Gave me her full attention, adjusted pressure when it hurt too much, and tailored the massage to my specific needs.\r \r Have been seeing Dr. Suver for nearly 10 months…

My Review by karlyp1387633488 via Citysearch on 9/30/2013

I have never enjoyed going to a chiropractor, but since I have started going to Seattle LIfe Chiropractic my opinion has greatly changed. Dr Suver has helped with my fears of getting adjusted and I have seen a true change in how I feel…

My Review by katelyns1448259440 via Citysearch on 8/19/2013

Dr. Suver genuinely cares for his patient's wellbeing! He takes the time to show you exercises you can do while you're away from the office and tries to work with your financial situation to make chiro and/or massage affordable. I…

My Review by christinah1559173740 via Citysearch on 7/28/2013

Still my favorite chiropractic office! The receptionists couldn't be nicer; they actually remembered my voice on the phone after not calling for a year. Dr Suver is very knowledgeable and the massage therapists are amazing!

My Review by handeormen via Citysearch on 1/18/2013

I haven't been to any other chiropractors but I doubt that should cloud my opinion of Seattle Life. Dr. Suver and his staff truly seem to care about their patients and are very attentive. Btw, Katrina, one of the masseuses, is amazing!

My Review by christinek1688660101 via Citysearch on 1/10/2013

Dr. Suver and his staff are kind, knowledgeable and helpful. They actively listen to your concerns and address them. They work with you on a personal wellness plan. I've been going to Dr. Suver for 2 years and in that time, my mobility has…

My Review by je737329337 via Citysearch on 12/16/2012

Seattle Life Chiropractic is fantastic. The combination of chiropractic work and massage, as well as physical therapy exercises Dr. Suver demonstrates and suggests for homework are brilliant. He is actually committed to helping you…

My Review by rosenlofj via Citysearch on 12/5/2012

Seattle Life Chiropractic is wonderful.. friendly staff, comfortable environment, and an overall great experience. Dr.. Suver truely cares about his patients. The massage therapists do excellent work and I always walk away feeling a…

My Review by brockb351937840 via Citysearch on 12/3/2012

I love this place. They are so incredibly helpful from superb service for extreme pain or minor, financial plans and more. I don't go as often as I use to because I followed the plan for me. Yes, that's right he has plan specific for you…

My Review by jirayaa2all via Citysearch on 10/24/2012

Thank you very much,....i feel so much better that i cannot even believe that! Certainly it was a miracle when i found you!.You are the number one!

My Review by ekhmeptimion65 via Citysearch on 10/24/2012

The therapist is a very talented who really knows his stuff. His work has been very helpful to me. . If you go to see him, you will not be disappointed!

thank you by James B. via Judy's Book on 10/24/2012

I am feeling the best I have felt in years.

great services by ester l. via Judy's Book on 10/24/2012

The day after my first treatment I already could feel the gloom start to lift and I had a sense of contentment that I hadn’t had in a long time. I’ve now had several appointments and I’m so pleased to report that I am no longer depressed…

the best by Mike R. via Judy's Book on 10/24/2012

I was suffering from severe back pain and no other standard treatment methods were helping. Then I found you and I began to hope. I had been in so much pain for many months, but with patience, positive thoughts and commitment to the…

My Review by aexisl via Citysearch on 10/10/2012

I moved furniture and my back went out. Dr. Suver fixed the resulting back pain. I fell off a horse and Dr. Suver fixed my neck pain within a week (two 10 minute appointments). I was nervous about all the neck and back cracking business…

My Review by kiowrksce via Citysearch on 10/5/2012

He is truly committed to his patients` well being and listens when concerns are shared and offers guidance and explanations. He knows that healing takes place on all levels - physical, emotional, mental & spiritual. Thank you!

Ever since my football injury by Kirk P. via Judy's Book on 10/5/2012

Ever since my football injury, subluxation caused problems that would not allow me to walk or stand in a normal fashion. Now I am able to function at a normal level. I can take a walk, go to the gym and do all the little things we take for…

All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic. by Marsha V. via Judy's Book on 10/5/2012

All aspects of my life have improved since I started chiropractic. I am able to do my complete workout regimen, which includes jogging, weight lifting, and abdominal work without pain. My energy level has certainly increased.

My Review by tylert757658476 via Citysearch on 9/21/2012

Dr. Suver really take the time and makes sure that you can afford to get better. He works with you and your budget to ensure that you can get help. My back feels a whole lot better than when I started about 6 months ago.

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