Toys In Babeland


707 E Pike St
Seattle, WA 98122-3719
(206) 328-2914
Toys In Babeland serves Seattle, WA and is located in the 98122-3719 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Sun 24 Hours, Mon-Sat 11am-10pm

Reviews for Toys In Babeland

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In Short
The Capitol Hill's Babeland is less a boutique and more a sex-positive clubhouse. Cute handwritten signs describe the wide array of mostly women-oriented products and the atmosphere is very laid back. The shop… Read Full Editorial

The Place to Go by Amandertider via Citysearch on 7/27/2010

I've been told to check the place out for a while now and I finally went in with my girlfriend yesterday. The experience was great! Everything was touchable and the set up was inviting. The employees were nice, no one was over our…

Literally the best adult toy store by Kinsey Miller via Citysearch on 2/9/2010

Babeland is THE place to go if you (man or woman) are in need of something to spice up your bedroom activities. They have all the best vibrators, dildos, strap-ons, cock rings, lubes, condoms, as well as a wide variety of books. \r The…

Everything you want and more! by jazzbird via Citysearch on 4/26/2007

I love babeland! I have been a shopper there for years now and i am never disapointed. The staff is always friendly and very knowledgable. I love looking through the books, and being able to pick up the toys and turn them on. its so much…

Toys In Babeland by Joni H via Insider Pages on 8/4/2005

This is a great place to go for a lift to you love life weither it be alone of with you partner, tjhey have some great stuff. The prices are pretty good too. The people who work there are really professional and make asking those weird…

very comfortable buying experience. by Todd B via Insider Pages on 5/29/2005

when i first moved to seattle i was dating a girl who was allergic to latex condoms so i went to Toys in Babeland to find out what I could do...that was the first time I ever knew that sheepskin condoms were a real thing. (i do not…

Hot Hot Hot by Rachael B via Insider Pages on 5/9/2005

Whatever you need to spice up your bedroom or keep it as hot as it already is, Toys in Babeland will have the toys, erotica, and knowledgable staff to help you out. Don't be shy, give Toys a try!

For for the lady friend by Kevin D via Insider Pages on 4/10/2005

Toys for adults. This is a great place for gifts for female friends. I reccommend anyone who is curious to go and have fun. If you think you might be uncomfortable you wont. Everyone including staff are cool and nonchalant with everything.…

i heart this shop! by kim r via Insider Pages on 2/19/2005

So many adult toy stores are geared toward men. But not Toys in Babeland. These folks gear their products and displays toward women too. Of course there are malecentric items, but as a woman, I definitely don't feel like I've wandered into…

Toys in Babeland by teri j via Insider Pages on 2/13/2005

If youre looking to add a little fun to your personal life check out Toys in Babeland. Youll come across several different toys for you and your partner to experiment with. There are also several informational books to browse through. The…

My Review by Tiffany J via Insider Pages on 1/23/2005

This is the best sex shop in town. The staff is informed, non-judgemental, and friendly. The store is very clean and welcoming, not seedy like most stores of their kind. You will find books, videos, cards, massage oils, condoms, lube,…

The BEST toy store! by ashencrone via Citysearch on 9/2/2004

Alright Seattle... if you haven't been here yet GO! I can't say enough good things about these people! The staff is helpfull but discreet, they'll let you peruse to your delight. If you do have a question the staff is literally brimming…

Try Babeland University! by tashm via Citysearch on 6/13/2002

I went to my first workshop at Toys in Babeland a few weeks ago - "Keep it Hot!" Though the temperature in the room was uncomfortably hot, the workshop itself was excellent and lived up to it's description. The teachers were fantastic,…

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