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EZlocal Guarantee

EZlocal Guarantee

EZlocal Maps Optimization and AdWords Advertising services are designed to help our clients achieve top local placement on sites like Google and Yahoo and both deliver and monitor customized information and media relating to our clients’ products and/or services on relevant and high traffic search directories, social networks, online maps, and mobile devices.

EZlocal will GUARANTEE ...

  1. To deliver all customers an enhanced EZlocal directory listing, optimized for locale and market.
  2. For EZ! Website customers: Creation of a “mobile-friendly” website (up to 10 pages) built to suit modern web browsers with a customized domain and email(s) for your business.
  3. For EZ! Local customers (Local Maps Optimization): Syndication of your business details to a network of over 100+ search sites as well as manual optimization and submission of your business content to Google+ Local (Places), Yahoo! & Bing as well as 10 top vertical directories.
  4. For EZ! Ads customers: Geo-targeted ads linking to your landing page will begin to appear on Google sponsored search results on a rotational basis upon launch of your campaign. An optimized local search campaign for first-page exposure in your geo-targeted market throughout the duration of your campaign and ensure that your sponsored ads are displayed daily on a rotational basis.

If EZlocal should fail to provide the guaranteed services for any given month of your campaign, EZlocal will give you a FREE month of service while suspending billing until such a time as we are able to fulfill this obligation.

James J Tracy

James J. Tracy

EZlocal, Inc. President and Founder