Auricular Medicine Center

2104 Chapel Hill Rd
Birmingham, AL 35216
(205) 527-4202
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Welcome to Auricular Medicine Center Community Acupuncture clinic, We are located on 2104 Chapel Hill Rd Birmingham,Alabama 35216.

We Are The Expert On Chinese Acupuncture Auricular Medicine therapy, The Holistic complementary Functional Integrative & alternative eastern medicine With Natural Inner Source To Heal Your Body

we offer traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy, Auricular Medicine therapy, Chinese cupping therapy, Chinese gua sha, Chinese acupressure, Chinese moxibustion, Chinese herbs, and so on.

What is Auricular Medicine?

Auricular Medicine is a highly developed system of eastern alternative diagnosis and treatment both practice and theory, discovering ailments anywhere in the human body by carefully examining the ear area, which the well trained practitioner can accurately determine symptoms and root causes of diseases.

Auricular Diagnosis, unlike any other medical systems, auricular medicine can examine the physical conditions of a person in a very simple, low cost, but precise way. By checking different auricular points, one can get information about the health condition of a person. More importantly, it can also give the history information of the diseases and also predicts the potentials of certain diseases such as diabetes. Other medical systems are imprecise or complex, expensive, and time consuming.

What is The Chinese Acupuncture?

Chinese Acupuncture is a series of precise procedures involving penetration of the human skin with needles to stimulate certain body Meridians points on the body. According to the teaching of traditional Chinese medicine, stimulating specific acupuncture points corrects and balance the flow of Qi(Called the inner energy of life) through channels known as Meridians.
Chinese Acupuncture is known as complementary alternative eastern functional medicine to the western world. it helps support your body's natural ability to heal itself, and can be effective for providing relief from a wide range of physical and emotional concerns. It is also a great way to become more effective at understanding your body's unique needs and coping mechanisms, allowing you to regain and maintain your own health and emotional well-being.
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