John Gibson Auto Sales


1425 Airport Rd
Hot Springs National Park, AR 71913
(501) 767-7979
Hundreds and Hundreds of Units on the Lot! We'll Finance you on the spot. Easy Qualification! Atvs, Boats, Cars, Campers, about 100 Motorcycles, Trucks, Suvs & Trailers of any kind and any size.
Johnny will keep you rolling with 10 to 20 percent down or trade in your vehicle, must have positive equity.
Largest Pre-Owned Dealership in Hot Springs, AR. Established Since 1983.

Hours of Operation

Mon-Sat 9am-6pm

Products and Services

Hundreds and Hundreds of Units on the Lot! We'll Finance you on the spot. Easy Qualification!&a

Reviews for John Gibson Auto Sales

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My Review by sweetyt via Citysearch on 1/31/2017


CRAP by Guest G. via Judy's Book on 8/23/2016

John Gibson Auto Sales is only out to scam you and steal your money. They sell sub-standard vehicles for ridiculous prices. There are better places to go if you have bad credit. DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!

My Review by cassidyl1791550818 via Citysearch on 7/28/2016

John Gibson Auto Sales sold me my first sport bike its a 2010 Honda Cbr 600 red. My Mama cosigned and helped me with the down payment. I talked my mom into doing it. Her credit's better then my dads after they went through a divorce. With…

My Review by lashum via Citysearch on 7/22/2016

My friend Jared told me about them. I gave about $3000 down and now I got me a car. Cruising the roads now in my 2010 black Dodge Charger thanks to John Gibson Auto Sales. If you don't go there y'all is missing out. When no one else would…

My Review by roxb281629954 via Citysearch on 7/14/2016

A friend of mine told me about John Gibson Auto Sales. They sell everything boats, atvs, campers, cars, trucks & motorcycles. When we went there we had to park at the entrance because we could not get in there were too many cars…

My Review by hollid430781106 via Citysearch on 7/6/2016

Great experience. I will be back. Thanks Joseph!

My Review by monieb1955525505 via Citysearch on 6/30/2016

Traded my 1996 Dodge Ram in for a 2008 Honda Rebel and am saving about $330 a month in gas. It was easy fast and although I have no credit I was financed on the spot. Go to John Gibson Auto Sales. They'll help anybody out. From Ride in the…

My Review by upintheairt via Citysearch on 6/22/2016

We were at your lot on Saturday March 10, 2012 and and got a 2007 Cadillac. We are so happy with the car. But most of all the people there are so nice. I'll tell every I can ( Buy FROM JOHN GIBSON) Nice to know we still have people like…

My Review by oic2133582334 via Citysearch on 6/16/2016

Bought my Suzuki Busa from John Gibson Auto Sales. They had about five Busa's and a bunch of sport bikes. Insurance is kind of high but I'm still coming out ahead cause I'm buying less gas. I drive to work on my Busa. Plus me and my…

My Review by darknites via Citysearch on 6/2/2016

Joseph was very helpful and he is a very professional salesman

My Review by RhondaC167 via Citysearch on 5/26/2016

Never had any problems at all very helpful me with transportation. With my wife. Chirs and all the staff was great. Got what i wanted a motorcycle. Thinks to Gibson's auto sale

My Review by notasillyc via Citysearch on 5/19/2016

John Gibson Auto Sales heard about it from a friend who has bad credit but got a car from there. Went there with some cash looked around a while was hot......... Waited for a while gave them some cash, had to get full-coverage insurance…

My Review by NolaS857 via Citysearch on 5/11/2016

John Gibson Auto Sales sold me my first sport bike its a 2010 Honda Cbr 600 red. My Mama cosigned and helped me with the down payment. With absolutely no credit I finally got myself a sport bike in my name. Ive been driving my boyfriends…

My Review by AllieJean via Citysearch on 5/3/2016

Bought a 2010 Harley Chopper last Saturday at John Gibson Auto Sales by the lake. Couldn't get one at the Harley shop because of my credit. Picked one out, from about 100 of bikes in the motorcycle room. Took me about an hour to decide on…

My Review by gooblelogicb via Citysearch on 4/26/2016

Couldn't afford to come buy a Party Barge outright. My bills have almost sunk me. But got to have some fun. I always go to John Gibson Auto Sales to buy my vehicles. This is my fifth vehicle and now I only have to put down 10 percent down…

My Review by shiftyeyess via Citysearch on 4/18/2016

John Gibson helped me get my first car. I wanted a 2010 Dodge Charger, but had to settle for a 2009 Honda Accord because I have no credit and I only make $8 per hour. They wanted 20 percent down, but I didn't have it all. They let me pay…

My Review by fireciderw via Citysearch on 4/11/2016

Got my first car thanks to John Gibson Auto Sales. Go get yourself a car at John Gibson Auto Sales. It's fast, no problems and you don't need any credit to get a car.

My Review by alysonh1388637246 via Citysearch on 4/4/2016

Bought a 4 wheeler from Jim as nice as can be. My little boy loved him. I couldn't get him to get back in the car to leave the lot. Purchased a 2009 Honda Rincon 680 so I can get enough height on my jumps when I ride the trails.

My Review by bluel via Citysearch on 3/30/2016

Even with Bad Credit they sold me a car. Drove from Texarkana after I Finally got my tax money for my down payment. I'd Recommend everyone to go to John Gibson Auto Sales.

My Review by LakeofFire via Citysearch on 3/21/2016

Joseph was very helpful and nice. I enjoyed working with him! Best salesman ever

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