The Customer is Always Right, Unless He is too Fat

The news was broadcast by Chicago’s WBBM Newsradio 780 radio: Newsradio 780 has learned that United has instructed its customer service representatives at O'Hare International Airport ticket counters and gates to be extra vigilant beginning Wednesday for passengers they deem to be overweight.  Those unable to comfortably fasten a safety belt with one extension or sit comfortably with armrests down will be denied boarding unless they purchase an extra seat, even if they can be placed elsewhere in the aircraft next to an empty seat. If no empty seat exists, the passenger will be forced to take a later flight. According to the story, this new policy, which is only now coming to general attention after being very quietly adopted earlier this year, is the result of customer complaints. The only exception is for couples as long as neither one of them complain. A... [Read Full Article]