Someone's Gotta Go

It was only a matter of time. Once The Apprentice hit the airwaves, with its promise of a job in one of Donald Trump's companies, it didn't take much to imagine an analogous show where someone gets fired. With Fox's new show, Someone's Gotta Go, we have that covered. I just want to know one thing. Why? The answer, of course, is that it will make money. I hope it doesn't, but if tripe like NEXT, Celebrity Rehab and Temptation Island could make it, the odds are good for this video swill as well. Apparently, we like watching people being torn apart. Where once stood colluseums we now have Tivo. Well, Fox's new entry into the reality show morass will certainly deliver. The premise is simple: Each week, no doubt through some sort of visually entertaining competition, the employees at the featured company will decide which one of their coworkers should get the boot. There will be conflict, intrigue and at the end you get to see some poor schmuck get the axe... [Read Full Article]