LifeLock Founder Learns a Lesson in Marketing

Back on the 19th I discussed how 38 scammers had been indicted for a phishing scam that spanned 5 countries. That was great news and the article elicited a couple of responses. One of them, from Charlie B., read as follows: I subscribed to lifelock, I think it is a little over priced for what they do. It is basically a service that does things that you are too lazy to do. The credit reporting companies have something called a fraud alert that they can put on your credit. When this is activated, no credit checks or new accounts can be done without contacting you first. You can just activate your own fraud alert by calling up the credit bureaus yourself. I had to agree, another overly-hyped service for people too lazy to do something that they could easily do themselves for free. It kind of makes you wonder about the culture we’re living in. Imagine then, my reaction when I read this on this morning:   [Read Full Article]