Small Business Takes Center Stage: Enter Joe the Plumber

The coverage of a plumber named Joe Wurzelbacher and his encounter with presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama, replete with the Senator's admission that he plans to “spread the wealth” has been remarkable, but after last night that little discussion has been elevated to a real campaign issue. Yes, folks, Joe the Plumber, a man who wishes to purchase the business he has worked for all these years, now has a role in the 2008 presidential race, playing the same role that Willie Horton played during the Bush-Dukakis race back in 1988: As a window into the real views and positions of the Democratic presidential candidate. Back in 1988, the hot issue of the election was crime. Dukakis touted his criminal justice efforts as unqualified successes. Willie Horton actually came up as an issue in the Democratic primaries. He was a sadistic murderer who cut up a 17-year old boy working the counter at a convenience store. The kid, Joey Fournier, gave Horton all the money and was then stabbe... [Read Full Article]