A Lesson in Sales

I spent this weekend doing something that I loathe, I went car shopping. Not that it isn’t fun looking at the new cars and going out on test drive; that isn’t the issue. No, the issue for me is the salesperson.  Perhaps I am simply a bad new car customer. I am the sort that spends a matter of weeks looking at different brands and models, educating myself on their various features. I also educate myself on the trade-in value of the car I am driving right now and I set a budget for the purchase—this much and not a penny more (and that includes tax, title and license). In other words, I am the sort that comes into the dealership knowing precisely what I want and I am prepared to make a purchase.  Of course, simply because I am ready to make a purchase does not mean that I am obligated to make a purchase. Walking away from the dealer, going somewhere else and starting again to get the best price is all part of the game.  By last Wednesday I had narro... [Read Full Article]