Skittles Social Media Campaign - Is it the Right Kind of Attention?

Today Skittles launched a new public relations and social media marketing campaign. If you go to you’ll find a box in the upper left hand corner with the standard Skittles information. The difference now is that the entire background of the main site landing page is set up to be a live-search of their company name via Twitter Search. If you click on Media you’ll find their YouTube channel as the background, yet still the Skittles box remains as does their domain name! Clicking on Friends brings you to their Facebook Fan Page, yet still the Skittles box remains! (I feel like I’m writing a children’s book! Bear Goes to Social Media?) There are only two links that you click that will actually keep you in the domain: Contact and Products.  I love that Skittles is willing to &ldqu... [Read Full Article]