When Fluffy Flies First Class

Pets are great, aren’t they? They offer the companionship some crave, the unconditional love so rare in our human companions, and for a few the really tiny ones make for a great fashion accessory. We walk them, we feed them, we play with them and now, Southwest Airlines is allowing us to fly with them, right in the cabin. That is great, if it is your dog or cat, but I think that Southwest is forgetting one thing—the other passengers! In a story on ChicagoBreakingNews.com, Julie Johnsson writes: As of June 1, Southwest passengers will be able to purchase the right to bring small pets onboard flights for $75, each way, for travel that begins June 17. Texas-based Southwest said it will allow a maximum of five pets on to any given flight. The cats and dogs must be small enough to travel comfortably in a leak-proof carry-on case that will fit under an airline seat. Southwest also plans to outfi... [Read Full Article]