America’s Heroes at Work: Making the Transition from Warrior to Worker

There are men and women in this country who have made great sacrifices for you and me. We see them in the news programs on television and we see their faces looking down on us from highway billboards. We read of their bravery in the face of an enemy that has been indoctrinated from early childhood to have nothing but homicidal hatred for Americans and for the American way of life. We shed a tear at the flag-draped coffins and puff up with pride at these soldiers and seamen, airmen and marines—and rightly so—but is that all we owe them; the hearty handshake, pat on the back and letting them know they did well?  We do owe these Americans more, much more. We owe them a chance to make the transition from warrior to worker, to go from the chaos of war to the stability of Main Street. The problem is that many of our veterans are not getting that chance. According to a study by the Rand Corporation, there are approximately 300,000 veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan that have come home... [Read Full Article]