Bath Fitter: A Customer Showcase


Summertime is in full bloom and we’re taking the opportunity to stop and smell the roses. Here at EZlocal, we try to apply the same idea to our office hours, and today that means celebrating a thriving local business.

Bath Fitter of Arden is a great example of exactly the kind of enduring success we have in mind!

Bath Fitter was founded in 1984 for the purpose of filling a need in the community: bathroom remodeling. And when Bath Fitter says they do bathroom remodeling, they mean they do bathroom remodeling from order to installation.

Now, 35 years later, Bath Fitter’s professionals have acquired such a wide sweep of expertise that one cannot help but admire their continuous growth.

EZlocal has been partnering with Bath Fitter of Arden for the past five years. The same can be said for Bath Fitter of Duncan, Columbia, Memphis, Jackson, Augusta, Johnson City, and North Little Rock.

As such, we're proud to have contributed to their highly competitive Google search ranking. For years now, the Bath Fitter website has held steady on the first page, remaining among the first results users see while searching for Bathroom Remodeling

With eight locations across five states (NC, SC, TN, GA, and AR), owner Louie Mullikin is himself a longtime resident of Spartanburg. Despite many years of thriving business, Mr. Mullikin continues to be an active presence within Bath Fitter’s busy day-to-day.

With their near-zero employee turnover rate, superior service, glowing testimonials, and top-quality products, Bath Fitter no doubt credits its hard-earned success to a number of deciding factors.

EZlocal salutes Mr. Mullikin and the Bath Fitter team on a job well done—many, many jobs in fact!

Here’s to another three decades of growth!

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