Senate Small Business Committee Gets New Chair, Talent Pool is Growing

Government and Economy

Landrieu New Small Business Chair
Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., has been named chairman of the Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee, replacing Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., who will become chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

Rate Cut no Guarantee of Credit
The Fed's latest interest-rate cut may make loans more attractive to small businesses, but it is not likely to make bankers willing to lend.

Bail Out the Big Three

Should the US Government save Ford, GM, and Chrysler. Pro or con?

Management and Financial Issues

Comprehensive Tax Guide Available for Free at

The IRS has placed its comprehensive tax guide for individuals on, updating it for tax year 2008. The updated on-line version of IRS Publication 17, “Your Federal Income Tax,” contains more than 900 interactive links.

Winning Tough Conversations at Work

Anyone who runs a small business knows that getting the most out of employees, vendors, and customers requires having uncomfortable conversations and dealing with problems head on. Business owners also know that putting off such conversations will often make problems worse.

Benefits and Labor Issues

There is Talent Out There, You Hiring?
Hiring at small businesses will hit a standstill in 2009, but those companies that are hiring will have a deep pool of talented people, just laid off from large corporations, to choose from.

Technology Council Wary of Card Check

At a recent board meeting of the Northern Virginia Technology Council, incoming Democratic congressman Gerry Connolly found himself defending vehement attacks from his constituents on the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA), a controversial proposal to expand union membership also known as “card check.”

Signs of an Employee About to Quit

This slide show describes ten things to look for if you think you are about to lose one of your employees.

Sales and Marketing

Social Conversions: The Next Step
When your customer participates in a conversation following a purchase, a new lever has been pulled -- and that can make a big difference to your bottom line.

SCORE and UPS Launch New Workshop on Finding Customers and Delivering Products

SCORE and The UPS Store announce a free online workshop to help small business owners develop a marketing strategy, build their brand and find the best shipping options.

Slowing the Shift to Web Ads
An October American Express survey shows that more than half of the business owners polled were "cutting back or delaying marketing initiatives," as a result of new fiscal realities. There are strong indications, however, for a rise in small business online ads once the recession is over.