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Granny Flats Designs


Los angeles California
Los Angeles, CA 90001
(310) 928-9563
Meet Brittanny
I was born and raised in the great state of Pennsylvania and moved to Los Angeles about 8 years ago. Coming from a small town to a huge city was quite a change. The biggest thing I could not get over was the housing market and how hard it was to not only obtain but the rent on apartments. I ended up living in a small converted garage, it was barely 450 square feet but it was home. Since then I have mainly only lived in converted garages and ADUs and love them.

I came to LA for law school and after a semester dropped out, deciding it wasn't for me. I have a BS in Business and halfway through a Masters. Since moving to LA I have spent years working in business and learned so much about how things work and run in LA. A few years ago I began moving into more business tech, learning how to do SEO and blogs and how communicating and building relationships with your customers could improve businesses. I have also enjoyed writing and love being able to share my experiences with others and hopefully give them some advice and insight into situations. Moving into SEO was an easy transition and then moving into ADU was even easier. As a long time user and advocate of ADU housing I saw the potential in a booming creation of them across California and any major city were there is housing shortages. It's been great to work in a business that is helping people, both with housing for those who need it and then value added to someone's home and life, and is something I value.

Today, I run and manage, which is my own ADU consulting business. I coordinate with the homeowner, architect, planning/building department, and general contractor. I also do research for new ADU requirements, permit process, utilities, proper setbacks and local zoning. I have experience in project managing ADU projects from start to finish. What I enjoy doing more is the design process of the ADU/garage conversion. Collaborating with the homeowner and architect to build the perfect ADU for the future tenant and or family member. It’s been quite a learning process, but hey, ADUs have only been legal for the past two years…LOL so there’s plenty of time to learn.

When I'm not working on an ADU project with a client, I'm either spending time with my cats, hiking Griffith park or at Venice beach. I have 2 cats that are my children, or with family. Also, it’s not uncommon to find me at Harry Potter world, huge nerd here!

I hear everyday people either complaining or wishing they could do something about people needing home and rising rents. Well with ADUs you CAN be part of the solution. By building an ADU for someone you can help reduce the housing shortage, and at the same time make money by charging a reasonable rate for that ADU rental property. And this is my goal, helping someone, even just one a month, to build up LA.

Call me at the number above for a free ADU consultation. If I don’t answer it’s because I’m busy helping a client with an ADU project. But don’t fret. I’ll call you back right away.

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