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Is your hair not long enough to be easily styled? Is it too delicate to be washed more than once a week or once every two weeks? Here at HairBeat, we will turn those fragile locks into a beautiful masterpiece that you are proud to sport anywhere, anytime. We will also educate you about how to properly care for you hair. We’re the experts and if anyone is familiar with your hair-type, it’s us.
HairBeat is not your average hair salon. We have had excellent reviews because we are a black hair salon, specializing in the maintenance of your delicate hair. Do you ever wonder “Does anyone offer crochet braids near me?” You’re in luck because we are your local hair salon and we are excited to serve you!
Many people do not understand how black hair, or ethnic hair, is maintained. When I say “black” hair, I am referring to the hair of people of African descent. Many people also are not aware of how brittle it is, and this is why it should be washed less frequently. Your hair stylist here at HairBeat will help maintain and properly upkeep your locks for a fresh look and feel. If not maintained properly, your extensions may become unruly and difficult to manage. Have you ever considered allowing your hair to form into dreadlocks? If so, your hair would be healthier and easier to manage. Once your stylist has initially formed the hair into dreadlocks of a preferable size and pattern, your job then is to continually twist the locks of hair to ensure that the sections remain separated.
Is your hair in need of a few highlights to brighten up your face? Could your color use a touch-up? We also offer hair coloring services to anyone in need of a little boost before a special event or date, or maybe just so you feel better about yourself throughout the day.
Do you worry that you won't be able to put extensions in your hair as freshly and precisely as other women do who you’ve seen wearing them? Would you like to attempt to weave them in by yourself, but you honestly don't have the time or the patience? Most importantly, do you know how to properly care for them once you’ve had the style installed? This is one of our specialties and we have all the necessary information.
HairBeat has locations in five cities for your convenience, including Los Angeles and Inglewood. Allow us to be of service to you today!
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