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Orochon Ramen


123 Ste Astronaut E S Onizuka St Ste 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012-3846
(213) 617-1766
Mastercard, Visa
Orochon Ramen serves Los Angeles, CA and is located in the 90012-3846 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Daily 11:30am-10:30pm

Reviews for Orochon Ramen

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The no-frills atmosphere and frequent waits don?t deter folks from flocking here for giant bowls of assari-kei-style ramen that?s served in seven levels of heat. On warm days, eating a hot bowl of broth in the somewhat cramped, steamy… Read Full Editorial

My Review by XperTee via Citysearch on 2/12/2014

A customize ramen restaurant! Lots of addition that you can add to your ramen. This place however is different due to its spicy ramen levels you can choose how spicy you want your ramen. They also have a challenge where you have to finish…

Orochon Ramen is really about spicy-levels, less ramen by DnSF via Menuism on 6/1/2013

5/26/13 Third-level up, the place was crowded and busy both inside and out, and still, we were greeted...

My Review by karenl1871308406 via Citysearch on 11/14/2012

Mouth-watering soup slow cooked with 13 different spices. Order a spice level of Sp. 3, finish it in 30 min. & you make The Wall Of Bravery.

too much hype!! by claudia d via Insider Pages on 6/1/2009

I went to this restaurant after seeing it on the show Man vs Food, and was not impressed with the food. I ordered the Miso soup #4 thinking that if I ordered 3, 2 or 1 I might not be able to eat it because of the spiciness, and let me…

Oooooooo spicy!! by CSMobileUser via Citysearch on 4/14/2009

Very good ramen indeed. Only downside is the long waiting time.

Such a Big Disappointmen I'm MAD! by Sheauen via Citysearch on 3/28/2009

It was not AS SEEN ON TV. Super crowded at 9pm on a Saturday night, even though it was an hour before closing there were still crowds of people waiting to get in. So what is the hype all about? Service was slow (this was as expected),…

Got Spicy Ramen? by Craig W via Insider Pages on 12/24/2008

While Orochon Ramen does not exclusively serve ramen, it is the most well-known choice. This is because Orochan provides a wide range of ramen spiciness according to your preference and courage.\r \r Although I don't prefer my food to be…

Spicy ramen!! by Emdee S via Insider Pages on 11/28/2008

I always come to this place for a kick up ramen. My usual is spicy level 3. The noodle itself is different than usual ramen but I really like it because its a bit chewy and went pretty well with the soup. I also like thie side dish which s…

ITs OK by mustcop via Citysearch on 10/1/2008

its okay. the pork (swine) was delicious. the broth was ok. its ok. its ok its ok. pretty packed but was seated in less then 10 minutes

Top Ramen by Yvette D via Insider Pages on 9/16/2008

This ramen place is crazy! You can special order on how hot (spicy!) you want your noodles to be. It goes from mild to 6 levels of hot-ness to extreme hot. Then they go further to be in their "Wall of Bravery" 2 levels of extra extra…

Editorial Review by Contributor via Citysearch on 6/26/2007

Japanese soup spot in Little Tokyo's Weller Court is known for ramen specials of varying spice, fun atmosphere.

Not bad! by multi via Citysearch on 2/6/2007

Decided to dine her because Daikokuya was packed and we were REALLY hungry! I have to say if it weren't for Daikokuya being so crowded I wouldn't have stumble upon this place which is just as good! I had the shio soup ramen SO GOOD!…

spicy ramen = runny nose by hobbes via Menuism on 11/30/2006

For a quick lunch come check out this small ramen shop in downtown LA. I often come here with my classmates...

Super spicy ramen, as hot as you dare by jflux via Citysearch on 11/20/2006

Tucked away on the third floor of a mall in Little Tokyo, Orochon Ramen attracts ramen-lovers and thrill-seekers alike. Ramen lovers love the flavorful broth (miso, soy or salt flavor), fresh and chewy noodles and 'order 'em as you like…

No More Cup-O-Noodles for me! by mike13241 via Citysearch on 12/3/2005

This was my first experience with "real" ramen, stepping away from top ramen/cup-o-noodles. I can't believe I've been fooled for so many years. Orochon has by far some of the best ramen I have ever tasted. Ordering is simple. Choose what…

Excellent japanese ramen noodles by amiabilita via Citysearch on 10/12/2005

3 types of their flagship ramen dishes Salt/ Soysauce/ Miso Salt - not so heavy, cleaner (?) taste Soysauce - in between Salt and Miso, but closer to salt Miso - white/yellowish colored soup with miso - heavier taste each of them comes…

One of the Best Ramen in Downtown by mochamoto via Citysearch on 8/17/2005

This is one of the best ramen in downtown. If you like it SPICY, this is definitely the place to go. There are three different soup bases to choose from, many different toppings, and the noodle is always firm with good texture. There…

Good Ramen by fernin23 via Citysearch on 1/27/2005

One of the best ramen places in LA. It's great value for your money. Those of you who like spicy ramen, this is the place to visit.

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