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Pacifica, CA 94044
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Today: 6:00 AM to 8:30 PM
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iLoveKickboxing takes the same workouts that pro fighters use to get so lean and toned... and makes them FUN and accessible. Any man or woman looking to shed those extra pounds, boost your fitness, and love life will love these classes.
Our philosophy is fun, fun fun. We know if you love your workout, you'll keep it up. And if you keep it up, you'll finally get those results you've been longing for.
Here are a few more things that make our workouts simply awesome...
Passionate, Amazing Instructors
Our instructors are hand-picked for two things: energy and passion. They want to help you. They want to pump you up and help you surpass your limits. And they want you to have fun.
They're very funny, too. Get ready to laugh and smile a lot in every class.
Kickboxing: The Ultimate Full-Body, Fat-Burning Experience
Kickboxing works your entire body, from head to toe. You’ll tone your arms, sculpt your legs and butt, and trim your abs too.
In every 60-minute class, you’ll strap on real gloves and punch and kick real heavy bags. Your adrenaline will flow. You’ll smile and have fun. You’ll let out a ton of stress.
And you’ll burn more calories than you likely thought possible.
Get Started Today!
Click the link to our website to get started with our amazing web special. Can't wait to see you soon!
- Your ILKB Family
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Reviews for I Love Kickboxing - Pacifica, CA

I Love Kickboxing - Pacifica, CA received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 23 reviews.

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Definitely recommend this place by Pratik Kumar on 8/17/2022

This place is great. I am trying kickboxing for the first time and everyone were welcoming. I went for trial class and I loved it. The studio is spacious, clean and very well maintained. Staff here are friendly and great. The instructors help to correct your form. The workout itself is great and I feel relaxed at the end of it. I will keep continuing to come here and reach my fitness goals. Definitely recommend this place.

Expect to sweat! by msstephaniejoy on 12/3/2019

If you're looking to sweat and have a good time, this is the place for you! Right off the bat, the studio is clean, smells good, and has energetic music and instructors. You're greeted by name as soon as you enter the door.

A friend and I bought the trial package back in April and became members after the first couple classes. It was my first workout since having my baby in December so I was apprehensive that I wouldn't be able to keep up with the rest of the class. At no point did I feel discouraged that I wasn't at the same pace or strength as everyone else. The instructors walk through the group offering tips, modifications, and motivation.

I love that there are a variety of class times offered - especially on early morning, nights, and weekends. I don't feel like I have to rush around with the kids after work so that I can get to class. It motivated me to commit to going at least twice a week and eventually started taking multiple classes back to back.

I'm finally enjoying working out again all thanks to ILKB

highly recommend! by trisharaquelle on 5/22/2019

We purchased a Groupon to ILKB & went to our first class not knowing what to expect. We were welcomed by friendly staff & were given our own pair of free gloves (choice of black or pink). The entire gym, locker room & restrooms are VERY clean & the main floor is well air-conditioned (two main things I look for in a gym)!

The one hour workout is split into 5 parts: (1) warm-up, (2) stretch, (3) kick boxing combos/exercises with the bag, (4) partner drills then (5) the cool down/stretch. I've been to 3 classes so far & had both Sonia & Savannah as instructors. They're extremely motivating & will help guide you with the exercises. Each class is different & you don't know what to expect (in a good way). They switch up the warm-ups & kickboxing exercises each time so it doesn't feel routine/boring. You're working all muscle groups with every move & you'll leave the gym feeling so accomplished & wanting more. I highly recommend everyone & anyone to try out ILKB!

This place Rocks! by Kahogg on 4/29/2019

I will admit, their offer of pink gloves and 3 classes for 15 got me in the door, but the people and the awesome workout kept me there, and had me signing up to be a member after my first class! This place is awesome!

Love this place by stephanie.hogg38 on 4/23/2019

I love this place so much! My sister and I decided to try it out and after the beginning class decided to become members. All the instructors are very encouraging and helpful with your technique. I am glad I found a place where I actually enjoy coming to work out!

ilkb Pacifica by stephroldan415 on 3/3/2019

ILKB is super fun and challenging. The staff and kickboxers are very nice and welcoming, i look forward to going to every class. The workouts change up from time to time and the music varies which keeps it interesting. The place is clean, safe for belongings, and offers a great schedule.

Great Workout! by lisamgallego on 2/28/2019

This studio and workout is awesome! You will definitely get a great workout, sweat and lot and have fun all at the same time. If you are thinking about losing weight and learn some kickboxing moves, you should one and try it!

Great workout! by phameliz on 2/16/2019

Friendly staff, clean space and plenty of parking. Jam-packed hour-long classes leave me refreshed and stronger! Highly recommend this place to all levels (I was an absolute beginner myself).

awesome place by mrstinapetersen on 2/6/2019

Thank you for opening in Pacifica! I am so excited to be writing a review for this place. They are motivating, friendly, and very clean! (I’m a germ a phob when it comes to feet). Every work out is different and the trainers motivate me to work harder. I have been part of many gyms and I appreciate how much the trainers are involved in coaching and teaching correct techniques. I look forward to kicking some bags and getting in shape

love it by Aelita.ne on 1/31/2019

Great place, nice ppl. clean and comfortable! all equipment safe and new. and i was impressed from the first class! I always leave this place tired but happy! thank you for your work!

Must Try by cburtonmeza on 1/18/2019

This place is awesome for a workout. Great staff and great customers. I keep coming back week after week because of the support from the team. If you give it a try I think you’ll like it.

addicted to kickboxing! by joylubroas on 1/18/2019

By far the best gym membership I’ve signed up for! I love the cardio and personal hitting and kicking the bag. I’ve also met a lot of wonderful people that I’m excited to see at each class. There’s a lot of encouraging comradery. I’m addicted!

My FAVORITE workout place by helenc.0256 on 1/17/2019

The studio is super clean and always smell nice. Staffs are friendly, supportive, and funny!! I liked kickboxing, but now I love it!! High energy from both staffs and members!! just tried their 530am class today, it was awesome and glad I was able to drag myself out of bed early in the morning!! <3

A wonderful investment. by mdt2mcd on 1/17/2019

If you want to regain your energy back, this is the place to be. For the past 2 months I was able to do all my daily task without catching my breath. All the instructors are great motivators and support to each kick boxers. Ilovekickboxing in Pacifica is one of my greatest investment/gift to myself.

Awesome workout and studio by sandyma618 on 1/13/2019

After my first class in October 2018, I signed up on the spot! I had been looking for a fun and challenging workout to help me train for runs and relieve some of the daily stress from my other jobs as a mommy and elementary school teacher. I don't really like gyms, which is why I prefer running. But I really needed more strength training and a variety of body work exercises. No matter your fitness level, the workout will make you SWEAT, burn calories, and feel stronger by the end of the class. I really love the cleanliness of the studio and the times of classes offered each week. The late afternoon and evening classes have helped me stay on a schedule of 2-3 times/week. There is plentiful parking and convenience in the shopping plaza. I have met some amazing fellow kick boxers who help motivate me (no judging, only smiles). The staff of ILKB (thank you Joanna, Drew, Savannah, James, and Andrea, as well as Elaine and Chi!) has been incredibly welcoming and supportive, especially during the class when they give tips to improve form and increase stamina. Instead of dreading my workout, I look forward to my kickboxing classes and what I'll be learning or working on that session!

Best place to get fit by kay.solis7 on 1/11/2019

The staff at this location are awesome and will keep you motivated throughout your workout. The workouts are fast paced and highly intense, but the staff makes it fun. This is seriously one of the best things I've done for myself.

Fun and Energizing by Bonbontse on 1/11/2019

My favorite place to workout! Instructors are so much fun, beautiful and full of energy. I Love Kickboxing in Pacifica is super clean. You always feel welcome here. After a workout...your body feels all relaxed and well worked out. I recommend this studio for those who have a hard time getting a work out in. This place will get you into your workout goals!

ILKB classes are better than hitting any cardio machine! by princess.yapana on 1/11/2019

I have been waiting for this and was really excited that ILKB would open one in Pacifica. I signed up for a the first week of their grand opening. The coaches are so friendly and helpful, but they will kick your butt! You come out of class like you just took a shower - drenched in sweat. Kickboxing classes are so much fun at ILKB. The bathrooms are clean, they even provide hair ties, mouthwash, spray deodorants and lotion. My other gym doesn't even provide that!

Great place to workout!!! by green_tea5989 on 1/11/2019

I joined this gym in Oct 2018, and I totally love working out here!!! The staffs are super friendly, and they definitely make you sweat a lot. Every class is a challenge, and you will never get bored working out!!! If you want a high intense exercise class, try this place!

happy place by Tynber on 1/11/2019

I love this place. The coaches [Joanna, Andrea, Savannah, James and Drew (in no order)] are wonderful, great, superb. All five of them are very welcoming. They encourage you to work and push you to improve. Almost three months into training, I’ve already gained strength, muscle definition, and more energy. Being a member is definitely a good investment of money and time.

great service by alyssachan91 on 1/10/2019

great team! the customer service is great and everyone is so friendly and helpful. they are willing accommodate with my work schedule. i cant wait to get in shape with iLoveKickBoxing!

I love this place! by lastimosaina on 1/10/2019

I love ILKB SO MUCH! Everyone is so encouraging and motivating! The staffs are so friendly as well as everyone there! It’s great being apart of something that makes you feel like you belong! Always looking forward to some ass kicking! Thanks guys! :)

So much fun! by Andrea Q on 1/10/2019

I had an amazing experience here! The staff was friendly and extremely helpful (and pretty funny too). I'm both a college student and a preschool teacher, so coming here was a great stress relief. So far, I've only gone to one class, but I had so much fun that I got a membership that same day! Though the class moves fairly quickly, I never felt left behind -- even though I hadn't worked out in a very long time. And when it was over, I was still ready for more! I would 100% recommend iLoveKickboxing to everyone!

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