Camera Zone


1365 Columbus Ave
San Francisco, CA 94133-1318
(415) 359-0947
Camera Zone serves San Francisco, CA and is located in the 94133-1318 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

9:00am - 8:00pm 7 Days a Week

Reviews for Camera Zone

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My Review by valeriah2123299186 via Citysearch on 2/4/2013

Avoid this store if you are not familiar with every price. I was up-dated with the camera price because I checked with my phone 1minute before paying and avoided the over price at the last minute. then I got a good deal on it, but i was…

Rip off by Tore A via Insider Pages on 11/7/2012

Stay away! This is a dishonest camera store.

My Review by berge153594854 via Citysearch on 11/6/2012

This is a sad story! A dishonest dealer! Stay away.

My Review by terjea via Citysearch on 11/6/2012

Stay away!\r This store is a disgrace. They cheat you if possible. They can lie up to your face - very convincingly - that you get a great offer - while the opposite is the truth.

My Review by maritm via Citysearch on 11/6/2012

If you want a rip off, this is the place. If you want a photo store - this is not the place

Nice Selection & Very Organized Photo Store by PhotoCatcher via Citysearch on 4/11/2012

The store is a great mom-n-pop, awesome corner spot! This is hands down the best place to buy photography equipment in San Francisco. The salespeople are friendly, very knowledgeable, truly know photography and do not get paid commission…

Stay AWAY by purplesquirrelqueen via Citysearch on 2/26/2012

I think the reviews on here that talk about the fantastic service are either written by the owner's family (who all work there), by their friends, or by people who were blindly taken advantage of. If you are from out of the area, they…

Canon 60D it is! Thx for the advice! by Alvin83 via Citysearch on 11/3/2011

After doing my review research on which camera store I wanted to go to in San Francisco, I decided to give Camera Zone a shot. I popped in yesterday to pick up a new DSLR Canon. I was deciding between the EOS 7D and the EOS 60D. Even…

Finally a GREAT Camera Store in the City! by Latasha K via Citysearch on 10/23/2011

I wanted to shop locally and Camera Zone was so much cheaper than Fireside Camera & Discount Camera , and the staff was super friendly. Kudos to the Dar who helped me find the new love of my life (Canon EOS 7D w/ Canon 16-35 f/2.8 L). He…

Great merchant. You guys are awesome. I'm very satisfied. by Milla Patton via Citysearch on 1/2/2011

Was on Nikon's website and saw the prices and started to check around to see if any local place had the D7000 cheaper and most importantly IN STOCK. I even search on Amazon, Buy, NewEgg, & BhPhoto. Not only were the prices cheaper but…

Great customer service and honesty by timlucas8450 via Citysearch on 11/6/2010

This store excels in the area where most other camera stores in the area fall short: customer service & honesty. Their prices are fair and if you want or need advice, you can actually get it here, which is something you can't get at a lot…

Camera Zone are a disgusting practice and shouldn?t be allow by Juice1972 via Citysearch on 6/11/2010

Camera Zone are a disgusting practice and shouldn?t be allowed to trade !!\r \r On entering this is shop yesterday and being greeted by a big smile and a good attitude I found myself kind of at ease compared to the other shops in the area…

Camera Zone Saved My Trip ... by Jaime Santos via Citysearch on 5/27/2010

This place is awesome. I went in because I stupidly forgot to charge my camera before I came to San Francisco for the day so I thought I might as well just buy a charger while I'm here. \r \r Best Buy... the corporation that I originally…

I?ve been cheated!! by eaggime via Citysearch on 5/26/2010

Last week, while visiting town, I entered the store asking for a Cannon p 90, the owner showed it to me along with different brands and models. One in particular interested me ( my mistake is not knowing to much about gear and prices), a…

FRAUDULENT by Chicadita via Citysearch on 5/23/2010

I went into the store to look at cameras and lenses. The owner, Andre, looked at my camera and said he, as an authorized Sony retailer, had the correct lens for me. What came in the box was not a Sony lens, which I did not notice at the…

Camera Zone & Art Gallery by Carol P via Insider Pages on 2/23/2010

Camera Zone & Art Gallery is a wonderful store that I would recommend to anyone. Not only do they have a great variety of different cameras from the simple to complex to use. It was a wonderful store.

Absolute Pleasure Doing Business by Chucky Smithers via Citysearch on 10/26/2009

This place is a utopia for anyone interested in photography. It's a nice spacious store with practically anything and everything you could ever dream of related to photography and electronics. I came to this store to buy a bunch of stuff…

Candy Store for Photographers by JoeKing via Citysearch on 10/24/2009

Camera Zone is my father's mecca. He is obsessed with the store, which is huge and filled with every photo-video-electronic related items you can imagine, and at pretty decent prices. He's like a little boy in a toy store. \r \r When we…

Overpriced Junk by ralphster via Citysearch on 2/9/2009

I am an amateur photographer, so I came here for advice when purchasing photo equipment. I was looking for a filter and memory card and was sold items that I was told were 'the best' available. I took the people at the store on their word…

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