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Reviews for Strum-N-Comfort Picking Systems

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My Review by BrentM via Demandforce on 3/3/2015

I am, almost exclusively, a fingerstyle player (thumb pick and nails). The Sharktooth picks (Sharkteeth?) are the first thumb picks that allow real articulation of bass notes; most others give a servicable "thud" but not much timbre from…

My Review by CharlesP via Demandforce on 2/28/2015

Until trying the different strum- n- comfort picks, I wasn't able to find a thumb pick I could get comfortable with!

My Review by MichaelM via Demandforce on 2/11/2015

Many people have a hard time finding a thumb-pick that fits properly and doesn't fly off at the wrong time. (Is there ever a right time?) For those folks, and for anyone looking for a proper fitting thumb-pick, that also allows you to use…

My Review by DavidS via Demandforce on 2/2/2015

Greg, Just got my order and am playing with both to decide which I prefer. I immediately see the advantage and was surprised at how easy it is to adapt to. I will give you an update soon. Thanks, Dave Smth

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 12/31/2014

These picks are amazing! They feel and sound terrific!

My Review by SeanH via Demandforce on 12/9/2014

I'm no more than an average player but noticed an immediate difference in my picking accuracy. So glad I decided to give your picks a try. regards, Sean Hunt Phoenix, AZ.

My Review by LarryC via Demandforce on 11/30/2014

Hello Greg, I received the stone picks and the crossover picks Saturday morning. And everybody are very happy!! Great service as always!! Calling me and letting me know about the different colors you have is very helpful! You do great…

My Review by Anonymous via Demandforce on 11/27/2014

Great product. Maybe could offer a % discount based on how many items are bought. Just a thought. But great product!

My Review by CharlesP via Demandforce on 11/17/2014

I ordered one thumb pick on the 9th of this month and have not received it! I bought the thumb pick through PayPal.

My Review by AnnD via Demandforce on 11/12/2014

Such a friendly service, as always. Super quick delivery to France too! Thank you.

My Review by VirginiaO via Demandforce on 10/18/2014

The Sharktooth pick enables me to be able to play my mountain dulcimer!! I have M.S. and have lost the feeling in my fingers so I can't hold on to a regular pick. The Sharkstooth has been a godsend. Thank you Greg!!

My Review by JeffC via Demandforce on 9/29/2014

5 star everything was great !

My Review by DannyM via Demandforce on 9/21/2014

I recently purchased the Greg Atkin and the Les Wise Crossover Picks from strum-n-comfort. The picks are a modification of the popular Kodiak pick. The Les Wise pick has a unique compound angle with two distinct bevels on the edge for a…

My Review by JamesS via Demandforce on 9/5/2014

If I were in my teens or 20's, I would make the Sharktooth pick system my only picking technique. I am just too old and unable to play everything with it. For ballads or things that combine wide voicings, Montunos, Jimmy Wyble-type…

My Review by MarcY via Demandforce on 9/1/2014

I've tried both the Kodiak and Shark guitar picks, and I'm not sure which I like better -- they're both great! My recent order was for a thicker set, so I'm still trying them out. Nice feel, nice sound, and I prefer them over my $30…

My Review by VirginiaO via Demandforce on 8/28/2014

Greg and his wonderful Sharkstooth has made it possible for me to play my Mtn Dulcimer despite loosing all feelings in my hands due to M.S. THANK YOU GREG!!!!!

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