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“Understand, Engage, Succeed, Grow”

This has become our mantra and tells you a lot about the men and women of GOMarketing. What does it mean to us and how does it affect you?

Over the past seven years we have constantly endeavored to understand the internet marketing landscapes as they change daily before our eyes. Once we understand the recent changes, we then impart that understanding to our Clients and Prospects. This isn’t always an easy task; it requires teaching and educating our Clients so that they can understand why we do what we do. Education for understanding is a big part of what we do.We must also understand our Client’s business, competition, needs and goals before we can properly provide our services. This may be the most exciting and challenging aspect of our business. We must become advocates of our Clients and their goals, to do that, we must understand.

Once we are engaged by a Client, we must engage them in the processes, programs and plans we have created for their success. Marketing is most successful when both GOMarketing and the Client are engaged in the ongoing process of successful marketing.We sustain active engagement through ongoing communication and feedback. Regular meetings, both in person and on the phone, to review metrics and program updates are necessary for success.

Internet Marketing today is anything but static and written in stone. GOMarketing constantly adjusts Client programs to meet the new rules of engagement set by Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube and other powers that be online. Keeping our Clients engaged allows us to be more fluid to respond to these changes.

What is success? Is it helping a dance instructor to sell $150,000 worth of dance videos in nine months? Or helping a networking group expand its online presence and to look more professional to possible members? Or is success having a celebrity’s on-line image match her on-air image for the first time.The answer is ‘Yes’ to all of these and many more. Success is the realization of our Client’s goals based on the services we have been hired to provide them. So we’ve succeeded, is that it? Are we done? No.

Without tooting our horn too much, this is where GOMarketing separates further from our competition. Success without a ‘Next Steps’, or ‘Phase Two’ is just the beginning of failure. Online, like no other medium, resting on one’s laurels is the quickest way to watch them wither.Through ‘Understanding’ our Clients business and goals, ‘Engaging’ them in our collective process, ‘Succeeding’ in attaining their goals, we are primed for the next phase of our relationship: ‘Growth.’

Growth is more than generating more revenue from a product line; it is building strength and sustainability in the marketplace for the long run.
In conclusion, GOMarketing is your online partner for today, tomorrow and in the future. Call us today for a no pressure, no obligation consultation, and here’s to the future!


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