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Benjamin, Chaise, and Associates stands as a comprehensive commercial debt recovery collection agency, employing exclusive methodologies to help clients across the world. With decades of combined expertise and profound insights within the collection industry, BCA emerges as the preferred choice for handling your delinquent accounts on a contingency basis. For further details, feel free to reach us at 844-733-4770 or drop us an email at
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Reviews for Benjamin Chaise and Associates / Benjamin Chase and Associates

Benjamin Chaise and Associates / Benjamin Chase and Associates received an average rating of 4.99 out of 5 stars from 159 reviews.

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Free problems by Otis Cobb on 4/5/2024

Having struggled through a frustrating ordeal with a previous collection agency, I approached BCA with cautious hope. To my immense relief, they not only resolved my case swiftly but also with an exceptional level of efficiency.

Fast service by Robert Winston on 3/29/2024

Having endured a prolonged ordeal with a previous collection agency, I approached BCA with cautious optimism. To my utter surprise and relief, they not only resolved my case promptly but also with remarkable efficiency. In less than a month, they achieved what had seemed like an insurmountable task with my previous agency.

Effectiveness by Lewis Sharp on 3/13/2024

I am immensely grateful to them for their exceptional service and unwavering commitment to achieving results. Their swift resolution not only lifted a burden off my shoulders but also restored my faith in the debt collection process. If you're in need of prompt and reliable assistance, look no further than BCA. They are truly the epitome of efficiency and effectiveness in their field.

No words to describe how good they are by Ronnie Cole on 2/23/2024

What truly stood out was their genuine commitment to my well-being and success. They didn't just see me as another debtor but as a valued individual deserving of respect and support. Thanks to their exceptional assistance.

Improve the service by Kelvin Peterson on 2/7/2024

While I understand the need to collect debts, there were times when I felt pressured or uncomfortable with their approach. A more balanced and respectful strategy would have improved my overall satisfaction.

Free of stress by Carlos Bell on 1/28/2024

In the midst of financial challenges, my experience with Benjamin Chaise and Associates was unexpectedly positive. Rather than the anticipated stress and pressure, their team approached my situation with a surprising level of understanding and empathy.

Surprisingly positive experience by Ricky Cruz on 1/18/2024

Communication was clear, respectful, and frequent, making the process surprisingly transparent. BCA managed to blend professionalism with a personal touch, making me feel like more than just a debtor.

Exceeded my expectations by Gerald Jefferson on 1/9/2024

They were considerate of my circumstances and offered flexible solutions, showing a level of understanding that was truly remarkable. BCA exceeded my expectations, providing a service that was not just about recovering debts but about restoring confidence.

Great attention by Edward Mullins on 12/12/2023

My concerns were led by the manager, their cost-effective debt solutions were invaluable. Their commitment to affordability while delivering excellent service resulted in a successful resolution. Highly recommend for their remarkable value and dedication to exceptional service.

Superb organization by Vivian Hol on 11/16/2023

Their organizational finesse was a game-changer, maintaining operational efficiency amid chaos. What truly stood out was their ability to foresee potential hurdles and address them with agility and precision.

Great assistance by Brendan Boyd on 11/8/2023

The rep that was assigned to my case consistently exhibited professionalism, grace, and a proactive attitude. Their unwavering dedication to our team's success left a lasting impression. They were not just a support but a vital asset during those trying times.

Impeccable by Dan Craig on 10/31/2023

Their transparency, commitment, and innovative strategies make them an industry leader. We have complete trust in their services, making them an invaluable asset to our operations. BCA has undeniably earned a perfect 5-star rating.

Could be more efficient by Seth Aidan on 10/25/2023

Their approach to debt recovery is efficient and handled with professionalism. While our partnership has been generally positive, there's room for small enhancements to make it a perfect 5-star experience. Nevertheless, we're content with their service and its positive impact on our business.

Efficient approach by Brand Thimoth on 10/23/2023

Their approach to debt recovery is not only more efficient but also more respectful. The professionalism they bring to the process is truly commendable. The contrast between the two agencies is striking, and BCA stands out as the clear choice.

Great discovery by Lauren Fox on 10/6/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates represents a transformative upgrade from our previous collection agency. Their debt recovery methods are not only more effective but also executed with a higher level of professionalism. The results they consistently deliver are nothing short of exceptional.

Bast improvement by Wade Meyer on 10/3/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates is a revelation compared to the collection agency we used previously. Their methods are not only more effective but also more respectful and professional. The way they handle debt recovery is exemplary. We've experienced a vast improvement in our debt collection process since partnering with them.

Excellent partners by Shari Sanders on 9/28/2023

BCA is the financial Sherpas of our journey. Just as Sherpas guide climbers through treacherous mountain terrain, they guide us through complex financial landscapes. Their unwavering support, wisdom, and knowledge have helped us scale new heights in our financial aspirations.

Excelent skills by Wilfred Palmer on 9/24/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates stands out as expert problem solvers in the financial realm. When we encountered complex financial challenges, they exhibited unparalleled skills in dissecting the issues and delivering effective solutions. Their ability to tackle financial hurdles head-on has been truly remarkable.

Response Time Champions by Jodi Carter on 9/20/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates deserve a standing ovation for their response time. It's like they have a time machine dedicated to solving financial issues. Whenever we reach out, they're lightning-quick in their replies. Their rapidity has made our financial journey smoother and more efficient.

Multiple channels for communication by Norman Mash on 9/17/2023

BCA thrives on communication diversity. They provide an array of channels – email, phone, chat – making it easy for clients to connect. It's impressive how they cater to individual preferences, ensuring everyone feels valued and attended to. Their commitment to communication is good.

Great guidance by John Dixon on 9/15/2023

BCA are the true navigators in the labyrinth of finance. Their astute guidance, unwavering commitment, and a penchant for excellence make them exceptional. With their expertise, they've charted a course to financial success that we couldn't have achieved without them.

High precision by Alton Higgins on 9/13/2023

BCA showcases unmatched prowess in the realm of finance. Their ability to precisely navigate complex financial challenges and unwavering commitment to clients' success is unparalleled. They're the go-to experts for anyone seeking financial excellence.

Great debt specialists by Gerard Terance on 9/5/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates demonstrates excellence as debt recovery specialists. Their in-depth knowledge, meticulous approach, and client-focused solutions set them apart. Their commitment to resolving debts with precision is truly commendable.

Masters by Rocky Justin on 9/3/2023

BCA are true maestros when it comes to navigating debt. They orchestrate every recovery with precision and finesse, leading to harmonious financial outcomes. Their commitment to orchestrating financial success is truly impressive.

Proactive staff by Trev Evan on 8/31/2023

BCA showcases a proactive approach in debt recovery. Their anticipation of challenges, prompt actions, and forward-thinking strategies ensure successful resolutions. Their commitment to staying ahead is truly commendable.

Rapid solutions by Ellis Rigby on 8/30/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates is remarkable in achieving rapid debt resolutions. Their swift actions, combined with effective strategies, ensure that debts are recovered promptly. Their ability to deliver quick results is a testament to their efficiency.

Special treatment from them by Jaden Nat on 8/28/2023

I'm impressed with BCA's innovative approach to debt recovery. Their creative strategies and use of advanced technology resulted in successful resolutions for all accounts. Their commitment to staying ahead in the industry is truly commendable.

Clear service by Terry Evans on 8/24/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates is a top-notch recovery partner. Their expertise, clear communication, and successful debt recoveries have greatly benefited my business. Their commitment to delivering excellent results is evident in every interaction.

Strong agency by Benny Phelps on 8/23/2023

I'm pleased with BCA's effective debt resolution strategies. Their commitment to recovering outstanding debts is evident in their track record. While there were a few instances of longer response times, their results and expertise are impressive.

High quality knowledge by Billy Reese on 8/18/2023

BCA's strong industry knowledge was evident in its approach to debt recovery. Their insights into industry trends and debtor behavior informed their strategies and contributed to their success.

Enhanced knowledge of collection dynamics by Arnold Brock on 8/17/2023

Working with BCA provided me with enhanced knowledge of collection dynamics. Their team shared insights into debtor behaviors, enabling me to anticipate challenges and respond effectively. Excellent agency, great service.

Negotiation techniques by Tina Dunn on 8/10/2023

I was impressed by BCA's expert negotiation techniques. Their negotiators displayed a deep understanding of debtor psychology and used persuasive skills to secure successful outcomes. The positive outcome that you could expect.

Data security by Ray Peters on 8/9/2023

BCA prioritized data security and confidentiality throughout the debt recovery process. Their robust measures to protect sensitive information gave me peace of mind, knowing that my data was in safe hands.

Empathetic approach to debtors by Isaac Harvey on 8/6/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates stood out because of their empathetic approach when dealing with debtors. They understood that financial hardships could be challenging and approached debt collection with empathy and understanding, leading to more cooperative resolutions.

Empowerment through Education by Shari Hunt on 8/3/2023

Working with BCA provided me with valuable debt recovery education. They empowered me with insights into debtor behavior, enabling me to anticipate and address potential collection challenges in the future.

Real time progress updates by Verne Fry on 8/1/2023

Throughout the debt recovery process, BCA provided real-time progress updates on each account. Their transparent reporting allowed me to stay informed about the status of outstanding debts, ensuring I was always aware of the progress being made.

Financial stability by Bill Nichols on 7/27/2023

Working with BCA significantly enhanced my business's financial stability. Their successful debt recoveries injected funds back into my company, allowing me to invest in growth opportunities and weather unforeseen financial challenges.

Outstanding by Lamar Horton on 7/26/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates go above and beyond regarding customer support. Their friendly and knowledgeable team was always available to address my concerns, provide updates, and offer valuable advice. Their expertise instilled confidence in their ability to handle even the most challenging cases.

Experts by Tom Simon on 7/25/2023

BCA has a lot of experts who demonstrated extensive knowledge and experience in debt recovery. They provided valuable advice and support, guiding me through the process with professionalism and care. Their supportive approach made a challenging situation more manageable.

Positive reputation by Griffin Greene on 7/13/2023

BCA has built a positive reputation in the industry, and my experience with them solidified why. Their commitment to ethical practices, professionalism, and successful debt recoveries has earned them recognition and trust. Choosing them was the best decision I made in my career.

Long term partnership by Samantha Page on 7/12/2023

What impressed me about BCA was its commitment to building long-term partnerships. They didn't treat my business as just another client but as a long-term relationship. Their dedication to understanding my unique needs and providing ongoing support reinforced their focus on building enduring partnerships.

Unique style by Caleb Jackson on 7/9/2023

One of the strengths of this agency lies in its extensive network and resources. They have access to a wide range of databases, skip tracing tools, and legal resources, which enable them to efficiently locate debtors and navigate any legal complexities that may arise during the collection process.

Specific solutions by Carlton Cross on 7/7/2023

This incredible agency understands that every business is unique and offers customizable solutions to meet specific needs. They carefully assess individual circumstances and tailor their strategies accordingly. This personalized approach ensures that each client receives a solution that aligns with their goals and requirements.

Easy process by Rex Rory on 7/5/2023

Benjamin Chaise and Associates made the documentation process a breeze. They provided clear instructions and guidance on the necessary paperwork, making it easy for me to provide the required documentation. Their attention to detail and thoroughness in handling paperwork saved me time and effort, streamlining the entire process.

Personalized approach by Anthony Moore on 6/29/2023

I can't praise Benjamin Chaise and Associates enough for their personalized approach to debt recovery. When I contacted them, they took the time to understand my unique situation and tailored their strategies accordingly. Their attentive and personalized service made me feel like a valued client, and their dedication resulted in successful debt recovery.

Thank you for all by Ian Daniels on 6/28/2023

The team at Benjamin Chaise and Associates displayed a deep understanding of the debt collection process. Their knowledge and expertise were evident in every interaction. They guided me through the complexities of the legalities involved and offered valuable insights that helped me make informed decisions.

They changed my perspective by Susan Dennis on 6/27/2023

When I first needed a collection agency, I was apprehensive about the entire process. The stories I had heard about scams and unreliable agencies made me skeptical. However, my experience with this agency has completely changed my perspective. Right from the start, they went above and beyond to address my concerns and alleviate my doubts.

They saved me by Fernando Mcgrew on 6/22/2023

When I struggled to repay a debt, I was initially overwhelmed and uncertain about how to proceed. However, working with this agency has been a breath of fresh air. They took the time to genuinely listen to my circumstances and understand the constraints I faced. Instead of rigid demands and inflexible payment terms, they offered various options tailored to my needs.

Payment flexibility by Darrin Marsh on 6/21/2023

Beyond their payment flexibility, their expertise and professionalism were exceptional. They demonstrated a deep understanding of debt recovery strategies and employed effective tactics to recover outstanding funds. Their proactive approach and attention to detail ensured no stone was left unturned in the collection process.

Affordable rates by Darnell Mack on 6/20/2023

BCA's ability to provide affordable rates without compromising on the quality of its work speaks volumes about its dedication to client satisfaction. They prioritize building long-term relationships based on trust, transparency, and fair pricing.

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