Embodiwork Studio for Integrative Massage


795 McIntyre St, Suite #306
Golden, CO 80401
(720) 231-4288
Today: 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM
About Us

Embodiwork Studio for Integrative Massage, Inc. provides therapeutic bodywork for individuals experiencing muscle related pain; helping them to mend and prevent injuries, so they can continue to do the activities they love, and feel better than they have in years.

Embodwork was founded by Shalene Maestas-Zarate. She and her husband-business partner, entrepreneurial father, artist mother, and community of supporters have created a beautiful haven for relaxation and restoration, by providing the highest quality in body-care.

After nearly a decade in a half practicing massage, 6 of which were running a wellness center, Shalene re-located and re-invented her vision. This is her "phoenix".

Our Style & Approach

Using a wide range of therapeutic techniques, body mechanics, breath work, and awareness (presence + knowledge) - we patiently and precisely sculpt the muscles and fascia, helping them to relax and restore function.

We understand that relationship is the most important element in creating collaborative partnerships and achieving optimum results when participating in somatic therapies (bodywork).

Building a relationship that feels safe and supportive, and allows for open communication is of great importance to us. Open expression allow us to be able to tailor our techniques, for the greatest amount of effectiveness and enjoyment, and to devise customized treatment plans that addresses each client’s specific needs and preferences.

Holistic Approach:
Most times, where the pain is, isn’t the origin of the problem. That’s why we take a holistic approach to any imbalance. We investigate, looking at the bigger picture, with the intention of finding resolve. Providing resources to help you approach your wellness on all levels - we offer nutritional support, tools for self-care, stretches, and questions or insights to ponder. We are catalyst in helping you discover the deeper meaning underlying your ailment and are positive influences on y
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