Beau Jo's Idaho Springs

18 Reviews
1517 Miner Street
Idaho Springs, CO 80452
(303) 567-4376
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Features Casual
Features Heart-healthy dishes
Features Kid-friendly
Beau Jo's Idaho Springs serves Idaho Springs, CO and is located in the 80452 ZIP code.

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Mon. - Thu., Sun. 11am - 9pm;Fri. - Sat. 11am - 9:30pm



This business is an EZlocal fan rated favorite.

Reviews for Beau Jo's Idaho Springs

Beau Jo's Idaho Springs received an average rating of 3.83 out of 5 stars from 18 reviews.

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Rocky Mountain-style pizza? Yes, indeed, that's the specialty of the house at these Colorado-born pie lodges. Beau loads up twin crusts---thick or thin---with mountain-sized portions of meats, cheeses and a few oddball combinations.… Read Full Editorial

Beau Jo's by Valerie L via Insider Pages on 4/18/2010

Love Beau Jo's, and this original location is much better than the rest. On our last visit though, we got the salad bar and the mandarin oranges were rancid. We told the waitress so they could remove them from the bar. Nothing was…

Best pizza in Denver and, possibly, all of Colorado by ovolacto via Menuism on 3/1/2009

Beau Jo's serves "Mountain Pies". You've heard of Brooklyn Style, Chicago Deep Dish and other variations....

Such Good Pizza by Gwen W via Insider Pages on 1/10/2009

My cross country team in high school always would stop here on the way back from a meet. While the restaurant is very popular and thus often crowded, the pizza is definitely worth the wait. If you like deep-dish pizza, the Mountain Pies…

Best Pizza after skiing! by Rick R via Insider Pages on 11/25/2008

On you way home from skiing you must stop and try this pizza. Located in a small mining town this quaint pizzeria offer unique deep dish pizza. The crust is super thick! We love this place!

Beau Jos Pizza by Shane F via Insider Pages on 6/4/2008

This is a fun establishment in a quaint cowboy town nestled at the base of the rocky mountains. The pizza is superb. It has a really unique crust and we highly recommend the deep dish. It is a VERY filling pizza try ordering the big one!…

A Colorado favorite for thick (or thin) crusted pizzas piled mile-high with toppings. by Contributor via Citysearch on 1/19/2007

In Short
Rustic wood paneling and Old West-themed decor recall Colorado's gold-rush days. Hungry families crowd the restaurant munching on Beau Jo's famed thick Mountain Pizzas and thin Praire Pizzas. Customers choose from about…

Beau Jos Pizza Parlor by CEACEA G. via Judy's Book on 9/30/2006

Beau Jos and I go way back to 1974. I moved to Idaho Springs becauue of a man I was involved with and that man still owns BJ to this dayYou will never have a better Pizza than Beau Jos Mountain Pie.Started by Beau and Jo Ann in the 70's…

consumer by edruolpener via Citysearch on 6/15/2004

After living in Clear Creek County for nearly 10 years, I am amazed that Beau Jo's continues to draw anyone. My family tried numerous times to see what brought people here, tried nearly everything. The dough every time under cooked,…

Colorado Icon by mustoe via Citysearch on 3/16/2004

Beau Jo's has been around for over 30 yrs. What a lot of people don't realize is there are 5 other locations across the front range, and in my experience, they're all just as good (believe me, I get out a lot) as the original in Idaho…

Great Unusual Pizza by 1976cooking_mama via Citysearch on 3/16/2004

If you are a fan of thin crust, New York style pizza, Beau Jo's isn't for you. If you like stewed tomatoes (Chicago Deep Dish) pizza, Beau Jo's isn't for you. If you want a crust with flavor, fresh toppings, choices of sauces, there is…

Pizza shouldn't look or taste like this by carrieb31 via Citysearch on 2/4/2004

Beau Jo's pizza is only good if you like fluffy whole wheat pizza crust with the added treat of honey to dip the crust in for a special kick. Beware New York style pizza lovers! It's an odd version and it's not delicious by any means. …

Bad pizza by boogie123 via Citysearch on 12/12/2003

The idea of honey on pizza is pathetic , and gross. This eating establishment , if that what you want to call it , has the worst pizza I have ever had. When I moved out here 4 years ago everyone said "You have to go to Beau Jo's" They have…

Should Be National #1 by dugmor via Citysearch on 12/5/2003

If anybody who likes (or loves) pizza, has never been here, you really need to go. It's worth a single-purpose pilgrimage. You choose the dough, you choose the base, you choose the oil, you choose the toppings, you choose the cheeses,…

Beau Jo's by gdetty via Citysearch on 10/19/2003

Absolutuely wonderful crust, great selection of toppings, wondernful setting, especially Silver City store.

Location, Location, Location by jerrace via Citysearch on 10/19/2003

I really believe that the popularity of Beau Jo's has more to do with hungry Denverites returning from a day or weekend of play in the mountains than the actual pizza. When you spend a day on the slopes whether it be skiing, boarding,…

REAL Pizza joints! by aarongamache74 via Citysearch on 9/4/2003

Denver knows squat about pizza! Coming from the 'Za kingdom, Springfield, MA, eating what Mile Highers consider pizza is laughable. Greasy, doughy, sloppy, stuffed, crappy slices with piled toppings. C'mon. New Yorkers know pizza, and…

It must be a Denver thing by guido42 via Citysearch on 8/13/2003

When I came to Denver, everyone said go to Beau Jo's. So I did... what is the hoopla all about, it's not good pizza. The crust is doughy and the sauce is just wrong. I really dislike this pizza. I guess it must be a denver thing.

are you kidding? by pepperbon via Citysearch on 8/8/2003

This pizza is a joke. Where else can you go to wait 45 minutes to sit down and then be served a bland "specialty" pizza. Pizza is supposed to have flavor this one does not, and to boot it is way way way overpriced. I guess it should not…

I know it gets the nostagia pick.... by buffetdiner via Citysearch on 8/8/2003

but seriously, who, besides tourists, eats this crap. Save your money by baking a loaf of bread and smothering it with honey. You can't tell me you remember what was on the pizza. For serious pizza lovers, go to Nicolo's for the fat…

Moutain Pies from Heaven by notoriousrjf via Citysearch on 8/8/2003

This is the very best pizza in the entire state of Colorado. Located in an old mining town, nestled into the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. You can choose about any style of pizza imaginable, but I reccommend the super, thick crust. …

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