Reviewing Metro Heating Repair Sunnyvale

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I will definitely recommend their services to everyone I know!

I am glad my service was completed. The serviceman is a truly professional technician. He expertly attended the home air conditioner repair service that I needed for our AC without any confusion and problems. I felt that he knows what customer se...

Fast and experienced service!

Fast and experienced service! I saw at lots of other websites online, and none of them was as efficient and easy as this HVAC repair service company for an ac and heater repair. They had me certified in just a matter of hours, and the process was...

I will certainly recommend their HVAC repair service

Prompt, knowledgeable technicians, and reliable work! Their technician was able to come out within 2hrs after my call and had my ac that was not blowing air restored in just a short amount of time. He brought all of his tools for the job and had...

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