Ernie's Bar Bq

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1843 S Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316-2939
(954) 523-8636
Features Casual
Features Kid-friendly
Ernie's Bar Bq serves Fort Lauderdale, FL and is located in the 33316 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Daily 11am-12am

Reviews for Ernie's Bar Bq

Ernie's Bar Bq received an average rating of 5.00 out of 5 stars from 1 reviews.

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by abc123 on 9/3/2020

Try Ernie's conch chowder, thick with chopped vegetables and conch bits and highly spiced with cayenne pepper. There are hamburgers, salads and a Philadelphia-inspired cheesesteak (thinly sliced beef grilled with onions and cheese) served… Read Full Editorial

My Review by fricksworld via Urbanspoon on 7/7/2012

Stopped in last night around 5:00. It's been a few years since I've been here but since we were on this side of town we figured a drop in was in order. \r I ordered the wings (imagine that) medium and they were perfect. My dining partner…

My Review by gbergner via Urbanspoon on 6/26/2012

This restaurant serves the worst food I have ever had.\r \r We stopped in to kill some time while waiting to pick someone up at the airport. First impression was that it was empty on a Saturday night. Whenever I see that, I wonder how long…

Disgusting by FIDO via Menuism on 6/19/2012

This restaurant serves the worst food I have ever had. We stopped in to kill some time while waiting to...

My Review by Foodie via Urbanspoon on 6/15/2012

TERRIBLE! Don't waste your time. I'll start with the service. It was about as bad as you can get. Our waitress was busy watching the soccer game. We had to seat ourselves & get our own menus because the waitress was busy running around…

My Review by Jo-Ellen via Urbanspoon on 2/29/2012

We ate here last night after a long hiatus - long as in 12 or 14 years and we do not plan on returning. The food was outright awful! From the very thin fish dip to the luke warm tasteless conch chowder and disappointing bimini bread right…

My Review by Ed via Urbanspoon on 11/17/2011

Delicious BBQ beef on Bahamian bread with crisp fresh fries and coleslaw washed down with cold ice tea. Who wouldn't travel the world for this treat?

My Review by Larry Hymes via Urbanspoon on 10/11/2011

Amazing - just don't order the BBQ. Kinda funny hearing that considering its a BBQ place, right? The BBQ sauce is a terrible, watery, onion-based mess. That said, everything else on the menu is amazing. More-so, the fish sandwiches are…

My Review by GMarie via Urbanspoon on 7/24/2011

Ernie's has the best ribs I have ever had. The meat completely falls right off of the bone. The sauce is extremely tasteful. Yes, there's a lot of sauce that comes with it, but it also says it's smothered in BBQ sauce. Hint hint! And I see…

My Review by Seeker via Urbanspoon on 7/22/2011

The Conch chowder is like a Minstrone with 1/4" pieces of fish in it. Pretty good. Seems like a good place to chill and have a couple. I'll try the BBQ next.

My Review by Fabulous Phil via Urbanspoon on 7/17/2011

It's a shame most people haven't a clue about food around here. Seems like they'd rather eat at some snooty place where you have to dress up to eat. Thank goodness there's a place like Ernies. I immediately felt at home. All I can say is…

My Review by Penelope via Urbanspoon on 5/24/2011

Everyone says you have to try this place. I have news for you - everyone is wrong. I got the 1/2 BBQ chicken and my boyfriend for the baby back ribs. Both were soggy wet and covered in too much sauce that had too much vinegar in it to be a…

My Review by Dave G via Urbanspoon on 5/21/2011

Love the conch chowder served w/ Bimini bread. The BBQ pork also served on Bimini bread is also worth a try.

My Review by Lets eat via Urbanspoon on 5/7/2011

Awful "BBQ chicken sandwich" was grilled breast w/sauce on side. peppery yet tasteless sauce, smoking allowed outside, No thanks!

My Review by Gern via Urbanspoon on 6/5/2010

Kind of grody. Don't wanna slam it because it has heritage in Ft Laudrdale. You should go once.

My Review by Rex via Urbanspoon on 5/6/2010

This restaurant has so many memories for me both sitting at the bar and coming here when the previous owner had all these wacky sayings on the wall with a do do bird which are long gone now. The restaurant has been spruced up, the menu has…

Good BBQ plus a surprise by Pia M via Insider Pages on 1/30/2010

Good BBQ and great atmosphere, especially upstairs. And - here's the surprise - Ernie's has really good salads. A group of us went one day and one person ordered salad. We made fun of her until she got it and then we all wanted a salad.

Very Good by Debby C via Insider Pages on 1/17/2010

I've been going here for years. It's not fancy but it's meant for family and is really good. Especially their pulled pork sandwich.They serve large portions so you might want to consider sharing.

My Review by Jacquie via Urbanspoon on 1/13/2010

I cannot tell you how the BBQ is because I have never got passed the Conch Chowder and Smoked Fish Dip with that extraordinary Bimini Bread. The waitstaff is great and the beer is cold. That Conch Chowder was a welcome relief on that an…

My Review by peacebeautyandhope via Urbanspoon on 11/23/2008

At the request of our friends, who had a dire need for barbecue, we went to Ernies. Ernies boasts they have been in that location since 1957. From the decor, you can tell they are right! The tables and chairs look like they are falling…

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