Frankie's Pizza


9118 SW 40th St
Miami, FL 33165
(305) 221-0221
Today: 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Smoking Permitted No
Frankie's Pizza serves Miami, FL and is located in the 33165 ZIP code.
Mon 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Tue 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Wed 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Thu 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Fri 11:00 AM to 10:00 PM
Sat 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Sun 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Reviews for Frankie's Pizza

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In Short
Walk into Miami's oldest pizzeria, but don't go scrambling for a table. There aren't any. This is a takeout joint, but you'll see hungry patrons redefine that by chowing down slices on the order counter, on an outside… Read Full Editorial

My Review by mrdavegarcia via Citysearch on 6/22/2017

MIAMI, FL - Driving westbound on Bird Road I spotted a vintage sign that reached to the clear blue Miami sky, with flashing marquee lights that read ???Frankie???s Pizza.???\r \r Some said it served one of the top-ten pizzas in Miami.…

My Review by briand2014664659 via Citysearch on 8/12/2015

I love the flavors of their pizzas, and it didn't disspoint me that they serve their stuffs in no time. Really a happy customer.

How can a liHow can a little square hold so much cheese and great taste? by Dave G via Insider Pages on 4/30/2015

MIAMI, FL. – Driving westbound on Bird Road I spotted a vintage sign that reached to the clear blue Miami sky, with flashing marquee lights that read “Frankie’s Pizza.”\r \r Some said it served one of the top-ten pizzas in Miami. Still,…

My Review by urdeedeedee via Citysearch on 7/4/2013

This place has the best pies hands down!

My Review by Betty McAlpin Miller via Urbanspoon on 7/20/2012

We had pizza delivered from Miami! No kidding--it came on dry ice, ready to finish baking and it was the best pizza we ever ate. If you haven't tried it, this is your chance. Who knew! Roxanne, one of the owners, says wait til the weather…

My Review by Jules V. via Urbanspoon on 3/18/2012

I'm 25 and my mother has been eating here since SHE was 15!!! This place is amazing. Unique taste. I've had New York pizza and it's hard to compete but Frankie's is right there next to my NYC pizza.

My Review by Leeskra via Urbanspoon on 11/11/2011

No idea about the other review - I never grew up on this pizza sadly - but I found it in my college years. I have loved it ever since. For one - amazing crust (flavor and crunch), sauces, and toppings (garlic is one of my favorites). For…

My Review by SiLentThReaD via Urbanspoon on 7/20/2011

The pizza is undercooked, even when you ask them to over cook it. \r \r I'm not sure why this place is soo popular. I guessing that many people just grew up on Frankie's and did not have many other options prior the 1980's. The location…

Best in Miami by 305Guy h via Insider Pages on 5/25/2011

This is by far the best pizza in the city. This is a good old italian pizza lace. They have been here for ever and i come here often. Love the pepperoni and sausage. Always a good time!

THE BEST BY FAR!!!! by scharvel via Citysearch on 3/2/2011

I grew up on Frankie's, I worked at Frankie's during high school and it is one of the very few things I miss about Miami. It is a snapshot of a better time and the best pizza ever. With places closing left and right these days, it is a…

Delicious Miami Icon: by jerrold9200 via Citysearch on 11/19/2010

I nearly ran over Rene' while crossing Bird Road! Get the HALF-BAKED --trust me! Or eat on the cat-infeststed patio -or in your car, if you must, but Never, Ever, drive it home and serve it up 20+ minutes later.\r Frank Pasquerella…

Frankie's the Best anywhere! by Ex Miamian via Citysearch on 1/4/2010

I grew up on this pizza. Moved out of town after Hurricane Andrews and still crave for their pizza.\r I have the pizza shipped half baked, along with extra sauce, to enjoy without traveling three hours to get some.\r The more people I…

My Review by PUNKAS via Urbanspoon on 9/29/2009

Best crust I love it, and good ingredients

My Review by Christopher G Jones via Urbanspoon on 8/5/2009

If you lived in Miami for any length of time you know about frankies. This pizza is fantastic. I have their number on speed dial. I always overeat with this pizza. I just can't stop it is so good. You can't go wrong, there is a reason they…

Their plain tomato and cheese pizza is... by HiYoSilver via Menuism on 7/24/2009

Their plain tomato and cheese pizza is wonderful !!! and the best way to order is "half baked" so when you...

My Review by William W. via Urbanspoon on 11/25/2008

Frankies is unique, and it's the best pizza in Miami, perhaps in Florida. Half baked for a long drive home, or to ship, or done to perfection in their very busy ovens... Frankie's is served as individual square slices topped with the best…

My Review by Chris Matos via Urbanspoon on 11/10/2008

Great food. you goota love that home style flavor. But they do lack delivery service. and there are no tables to eat on.

YUMM YUMM by AFWPRODUCTIONS via Citysearch on 11/8/2008

Hi Everyone!\r \r By far, this is the best Pizza in town! No questions ask!!! You have that family owned and operated feel to it, and everyone is happy. And the service to the customer is priceless!!! The service is fast and the…

Still unique - my favorite pizza of all along with my pie of chicago (used to be one in kendall, miami) by johnnyjet via Citysearch on 8/30/2008

The previous review who hated it must have gone on a bad day-i worked in and eventually owned the McDonalds down the street on Bird Road and a few others, and knew Frankie and Roxanne for 30 years plus-It was a little better when Frankie…

Don't get fooled like I did by Marklivinginmiamifor49yrs via Citysearch on 7/6/2008

Drove from Kendall to get the "Best pizza in Miami". What a joke on me. This pizza is 1 step above a frozen pizza from my fridge. I'm not kidding. These reviews must be from the owner's relatives because this pizza is cut in dried up…

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