Ciro's Pizza & Italian Restaurant Inc


13025 SW 89th Pl
Miami, FL 33176-5812
(305) 251-4208
Ciro's Pizza & Italian Restaurant Inc serves Miami, FL and is located in the 33176-5812 ZIP code.

Hours of Operation

Sun 4pm-9pm, Tue-Fri 12am-3pm, Sat 4pm-10pm

Reviews for Ciro's Pizza & Italian Restaurant Inc

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My Review by Lisa via Urbanspoon on 9/10/2012

You must call AHEAD for is good.

My Review by dormike via Urbanspoon on 9/7/2012

We ordered a large cheese for delivery. It was hot and fresh. Although they say 'real' Italian there is a lot more dough and cheese than real Italian pizzas and New York pizzas. We enjoyed it, the sauce was tasty and the abundance of…

My Review by blue robin via Urbanspoon on 8/26/2012

I never got to eat here. I walked in with my family and a very rude waiter asked if we had reservations and when I said no, he said "Well, you can't eat here then" He wasn't empathic or warm or even apologetic, he didn't offer to look when…

My Review by Kathy via Urbanspoon on 7/7/2012

I feel awful that this has taken me so long to write. They say, " you don't know what you've got 'till it's gone." I moved from Miami for almost a year ago. I MISS CIRO'S !!!! The only things I miss more from Miami is my eldest son and my…

My Review by agentnumber99 via Urbanspoon on 5/24/2012

The owners are so warm and friendly, if you want real Italian fresh tasting food go to Ciro's! Can't get enough of the family run business! Their food and family are great! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!

My Review by Michelle Bosch Sabina via Urbanspoon on 5/14/2012

I love this place I have been coming here for years its small and the food is incredible service is so so but the food is worth overlooking everything else

My Review by Lindacee via Urbanspoon on 2/23/2012

Really good food but had bad service from their surly waiter at lunchtime. Don't know if I'd come back because of him.

My Review by Kristin Mestre via Urbanspoon on 12/1/2011

Ciro's is Miami's Italian hidden gem! Ciro's offers the best mouthwatering dishes and will make you become a restaurant regular! I have literally tasted everything on the menu and there isn't one thing on the menu that isn't good. It's a…

My Review by Shannon McVicker via Urbanspoon on 8/26/2011

I have been dinning here for the past 25 years and this is by far the best family style Italian restaurants in the area the portions are good size, the service is great, and the chef creates mouth watering dishes the keep you coming back…

My Review by Carmen Mitchell via Urbanspoon on 5/25/2011

Very good taste... NY style thin crust... Very good stromboli and garlic bread!

My Review by alexis Mulina via Urbanspoon on 4/7/2011

Me and my family , were surprised by the quiality and good service, very professionals, fast and the garlic bread is great.\r we will be back. My sister recommended it and she was right.Thanks for the good service,

My Review by Ninja Gourmet via Urbanspoon on 2/28/2011

This may be The Olive Garden's motto, but it would ring truer if Ciro's were to co-opt it for, you see, Ciro's is THAT Italian restaurant all of us have in mind when we think of modest, but authentic Neapolitan-American food.\r \r When you…

My Review by Weiner magee via Urbanspoon on 1/25/2010

The food, the people, and the atmosphere are superb. The food is delicious. I have tried many different things off the menu and have yet anything negative to say.

My Review by Belinda via Urbanspoon on 8/26/2009

I have been going here since they opened 23+ years ago. Wonderful, wonderful food. This restaurant and my friends, are all I miss about Miami. When I visit from Gainesville, I go here for a treat..

My Review by Alexander via Urbanspoon on 2/19/2009

Simply Delicioso!

My Review by Tearzz via Urbanspoon on 10/2/2008

you must try their muscles marinara - to die for!!!

Great food~great prices by Barbara F via Insider Pages on 9/3/2006

Ciro's is a tiny restaurant located in a strip mall opposite the Falls shopping center..If you go early you may not have to wait in line but usually you do have a wait...My favorite is the Meatballs and spagetti...3 huge meatballs in…

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