Tango's Pizza


13035 SW 112th St
Miami, FL 33186-4601
(305) 386-5506
Tango's Pizza serves Miami, FL and is located in the 33186-4601 ZIP code.

Reviews for Tango's Pizza

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My Review by Tangos Pizza via Urbanspoon on 3/29/2012

i went the other day with my wife and i gotta say i was im impressed with the small place very cozy and nicely decorated, very nice attention and great food. i ate a pizza and i think its the best in kendall, my wife got the chicken…

My Review by Luis via Urbanspoon on 3/28/2012

the food was great, very frienly owners an the service was very good.The pizza was one of the best in the neighborhood.The specials are very good with a great value like on tuesday you can get a large pizza for only 5.99 and wednesday you…

My Review by Stewart Rondon via Urbanspoon on 2/15/2012

Very nice ambiance to begin with, pizza is delicious, right in the heart of kendall, fair pricing, would definatley go there again.

My Review by Italian gal via Urbanspoon on 1/7/2012

Tango's has very good food. It is lacking in too many other areas, though. It is lacking in some basic dishes like baked ziti which is requested often and surprisingly, the owner has no idea what it is. The ambience is really cozy and…

My Review by John via Urbanspoon on 10/1/2011

Haha I think I was there on the tuesday when she threw your pizza away. She said you always complain and she has been making you new pizzas for a while and you continued to complain that it is burnt when clearly it was not. And when you…

My Review by John via Urbanspoon on 10/1/2011

This place has a great review and people seem to like it based on the likes it has. It's a shame that people will go out of their way to try to hurt am establishment because they don't have selfworth and truly think that the customer is…

My Review by Pizzaguy via Urbanspoon on 9/27/2011

HORRIBLE PIZZA, TERRIBLE SERVICE, and INSULTING ATTITUTE. Owner slammed burnt pizza in the garbage after complaining about it and threw our money at us when we offered to pay for the drinks! Royal B*!!! Cook sucks and they sure dont know…

My Review by Italian food lover via Urbanspoon on 9/27/2011

Had the worst experience ever. You would think with a name like Tangos Pizza they'd know how to make it. Burnt pizza and nasty attitudes is all I got. Even the owner is a an unprofessional business owner

My Review by donalynrepo via Urbanspoon on 5/22/2010


My Review by Patty Eijo Rocha via Urbanspoon on 8/18/2009

Family owned restaurant featuring cozy ambiance and a delicious menu full of home made comfort foods just like mom would make. Specialties include lasagna and cannelloni made with cooked crepes. Pure delight.

My Review by Kat via Urbanspoon on 4/5/2009

Great food, excellent service great for families and friends to have a good time

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